Woman spends an HOUR making her husband’s packed lunch every day but people think it's 'way too much'

LET'S face it – we spend so long prepping the kids' lunchboxes every evening that our partners are lucky if they get thrown a sandwich and a can of Coke as they head out the door.

That said, one savvy TikTok user has given us plenty of inspiration with the beautifully presented and nutritious lunchboxes she prepares for her husband every day.

Liza Stian, 22, who lives in San Francisco, told The Mirror that she spends up to an hour prepping her husband's lunches everyday.

She said: "It can take as little as 20 minutes or as long as one hour to pack one lunch. It depends on the dish complexity."

The devoted wife – who has almost 280k followers – usually puts a large helping of noodles, rice or pasta in the lunchbox along with some kind of meat.

In the smaller compartments, Liza adds individually-prepared snacks – such as cucumber slices with tomato and mozzarella, slices of apple and peanut butter or a banana wrapped in a pancake and Nutella.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of her fans are in awe of her impressive lunchboxes – but some say they're TOO extravagant.

On one of her latest videos, one fan wrote: "Petitioning to replace your husband."

Another joked: "I'm starting to think my parents never cared about me."

A third wrote: "I need that meal, oh my god."

However, others have criticised the amount of food Liza prepares.

"Ma'am, that is five lunches," one wrote.

"That's so much food for one lunch," another chimed in.

"That's A LOT of food," a third critic said.

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