10 Industries Millennials Are Killing According To Older Generations

If you frequent social media, you’ve probably seen countless articles by baby boomers—adults born roughly between 1940 and 1960— blaming millennials—adults born roughly between 1980 and 2000—for ruining just about everything from the housing market, dine-in restaurants, and yes, even mayonnaise. Sadly, this isn’t an exaggeration. Baby Boomers really view millennial as the bane of society’s existence.

According to them, they’re entitled, lazy and don’t spend enough money. They’re also leaving home too late, and putting off getting married and having kids. While some of these things are true, what they rarely take into account the fact that some of these industries no longer serve this generation of workers. Most importantly, some of these industries aren’t viable in the economy that millennials inherited. But try telling them that!

Here are ten of the top ten industries millennials are killing, according to baby boomers.

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10 The Housing Market

Millennials are waiting longer to purchase homes than generations past. Instead of saving up to put a down payment on a lower costing, starter home, millennials are waiting until they’re able to purchase their more expensive dream homes, later down the line.

Part of this is because they’re burdened with a higher cost of living than their elders. Combine that with an unstable job market, rising student loan rates and dwindling support from their employers, and the result has our generation either living at home with our parents, well into our 20s and 30s or even renting apartments.

9 The Middle Child

In the past, it was normal for families to have at least three kids, with many going on to having four, five plus! These days, millennials, are stopping at one or two kids. This is effectively eliminating the loathsome middle child, that often gets ignored for in favor of their younger and older siblings.

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Considering the middle child often becomes disgruntled due to their unsatisfactory status within their families, you’d think that no one would have a problem with this. But since millennials are the cause, there are all kinds of ruckus associated with it. Go figure.

8 Marriage

We’re a long way off from some of the traditions that helped shaped earlier generations.  While many millennials still do get married, it’s often later in life, after they’ve had time to build up their savings and get established within their careers.

In the past, marriage often occurred shortly after adulthood began. These days, that’s just not the case. To baby boomers, this, of course, means we don’t respect marriage. Or just never want to settle down and take on adult responsibilities. But it actually means that we’re just not willing to rush into a lifetime commitment, without having important other factors in place.

7 Mayonnaise

No, this isn’t a joke. A writer named Sandy Hingston used sacrificed actual minutes or hours from her life to lament about how young people today are killing the mayonnaise industry. Within the article, which quickly went viral, the writer begrudged this generation for opting for trendy spreads like avjar (a pepper-based spread) and aioli for their burgers, instead of the mayo that she grew up loving.

Further proving just how passionate she was about the whole thing, she also compared her two kids: her son, who loved mayo, and her daughter, who felt it was disgusting and outdated. You can probably take a wild guess to figure out who she labeled as her “good” child.

6 Home-Cooked Meals

Cooking everything from scratch might be more economical, but millennials have to weigh the pros and cons of saving a few pennies per meal and reserving the little free time they have. Millennials favor eating their meals away from home in social settings when they can afford it. Since many millennials are waiting longer to get married, many of them like to congregate and have dinners with their friends and co-workers.

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Those lone wolves who do enjoy eating alone still prefer to order in, rather than whipping out their frying pan and heating up their kitchens. Of course, this draws the ire of baby boomers who were brought up on fresh, home-cooked meals and see this habit as a sign of arrested development.

5 American Cheese

The sticky, plastic wrapped, processed American Cheese millennials grew up eating has no place in their hearts these days. Despite rising food costs, many millennials manage to find the extra room in their budget to splurge on real, natural cheeses like cheddar or gouda.

They’re not happy with the greasy texture, and artificial flavor. And honestly, can we blame them? Frankly, this is one item baby boomers should thank millennials for helping push into obscurity. It’s best days are obviously behind it.

4 Cereal

Cereal may be all the rage among children, but millennials just aren’t fond of the (often) sugary carbs, bathed in milk. Despite what ads say, most cereal lacks in many beneficial nutritional elements, and we’d actually do better off without it. There are some whole grain, natural cereals which offer more on the health front, but they are few and far in between.

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Many millennials opt for protein-heavy breakfasts they can eat on the go, like omelet pockets and energy bars. When they do want to get that nostalgic cereal feel, they opt for things like granola bowls and almond milk, or smoothie bowls topped with fresh fruit, chocolate, and nuts.

3 Beer

Beer is often most teenager’s first introduction to alcohol. Think about all of the house parties you would sneak out to on weekends. Chances are, you were drinking (you friend’s parents’) beer out of red, plastic cups.

Unfortunately for the beer industry, it’s popularity just hasn’t held up over the generations as the drink of choice. Many millennials just aren’t drinking beer as frequently as generations past. Since they’re just as much about their aesthetic as they are their alcohol, they instead choose lighter, trendier things like wine, cocktails and spirits.

2 Cable TV

Cable companies are facing increasing difficulties in keeping millennials subscribed to their expensive cable TV packages. Since TV companies haven’t done much in the ways of evolving people’s abilities to pick and choose what channels they want to pay for, millennials are ditching them altogether.

But they’re not ditching traditional TV shows. Instead, they’re subscribing to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime, which offer many of the same programs (though sometimes at a later date) for a significantly lower price.

1 Banks

The oldest Millennials were likely teenagers or in their early 20s when the great housing market crash of 2008 occurred. Since then, they’ve been even less fond of banking institutions than they were before, opting to store our money within non-traditional means.

Whether or not this means keeping our savings up under their mattresses, investing in Crypto Currency, 0r even weighing the odds of credit unions, millennials are doing everything they can to stay away from banks which have proven, over and over again, that when times get tough, they’re only going to look after themselves.

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