7 Reasons Twitter Is Freaking Out Over Golden Globe Nominations

Lack of representation for minorities and women was yet-again a hot button issue.

Twitter had plenty to talk about after the nominees for the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced live Thursday morning by Danai Gurira, Terry Crews, Leslie Mann and Christian Slater.

A few nominations sparked immense joy and the snubs, of course, induced real outrage. As usual, the general consensus was that the nominees were not as diverse as they could have been: not enough women in the writing, directing and producing categories, and not enough minorities in all categories.

That said, two stand-out films that received high praise both from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Twitter were "Black Panther" and "Blakkklansman." Both movies received nods in the Best Motion Picture category, making "Black Panther" the second superhero movie to be nominated for Best Motion Picture.

Although Asians have been historically vastly underrepresented in American award shows, they got some love Thursday morning! "Crazy Rich Asians" received two noms: Best Motion Picture for Comedy or Musical and Best Actress for Constance Wu.

What’s more? Sandra Oh snatched a nod for her role in "Killing Eve" and she’ll also be co-hosting the event, live on Jan 6.

In addition to diversity, there was also lots of Twitter chatter about "A Star Is Born." The Lady Gaga stans were in full force. Bradley Cooper got showered in love, too.

So what else were people peeved about? Notably, the lack of many horror flicks and horror flick actresses, including "A Quiet Place," "Hereditary," "Suspiria," "Widows" (although that’s more action/heist) and Toni Collette.

Here’s everything the Twitterverse was freaking out over after the 2019 Golden Globe nominations were announced.

Diversity: Yay or Nay?

Some people were pleased with the amount of diversity represented by this year’s nominees. Others, felt it was still not enough.

Lots of Love for ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Blakkklansman’

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and Constance Wu and Sandra Oh … Oh, My!

‘A Star Is Born’ Hype

One fan even pointed out that the 2018 remake of "A Star Is Born" scored the same number of noms as the 1976 version (it won all five). However, the Twitter user was wrong about it being nominated in the same categories — they were almost exactly identical except for one category, the latest iteration garnered a Best Director nod while the 1976 remake was acknowledged in the Best Original Score category.

Lady Gaga Stans Rejoice

The Horror Over 2018’s Best Horror Movies

Bonus! Twitter’s Class Clown

There’s always that one guy who makes that overplayed joke about President Donald Trump not getting nominated in the Dramedy category, but it never gets old, so we included it below.

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