9 Public Proposal Stories That Ended In Rejection, Because The Spotlight Isn’t For Everyone

If you’ve ever witnessed a public proposal and breathed a sigh of relief when the person asked said yes, I am entirely with you. Proposals are already very emotional, so getting proposed to in public sounds seriously intense. Numerous high profile public proposal stories have many discussing the ethics of popping the question in such a bold way. In the past two years, you might have seen the proposal while a woman was running the New York City Marathon, one at the the Emmys, another at the Olympics, and many more.

Most people in those viral proposal videos or very public at spectacles say yes, and usually everyone moves on. But when people don’t say yes or say yes simply because they feel pressured by the publicity of the proposal, things get complicated. It’s been discussed frequently on Twitter and in books like Jasmine Guillory’s The Proposal.

Below, nine people reveal why their public proposal stories ended in rejection. Two common reasons? Social anxiety and a lack of clear communication between partners. If a public proposal is truly the right fit for you and your partner, and you’ve had serious conversations about what you want the special moment to look like, then it’ll likely be a cherished memory you have forever. But without those two key assurances, well, things can get pretty tricky.

Because they were clear about what they wanted.

— scorpiolafuega

Because some people just don’t want a public proposal.

— [deleted]

Because sometimes it’s just too soon.

— AsinineBinkie

Because social anxiety is real AF.

— NotYourEverydayHero

Because sometimes it’s just too stressful.

— IAm_TulipFace

Because it’s not what you want.

— Anastecia101

Because one of you just isn’t ready.

— doubleduty

Because the timing isn’t just right… yet.

— faxinator

Because sometimes you have to think it through all the way.

— thebutchone

When it comes to proposals, it’s essential for partners to discuss marriage and proposal options before popping the question (especially in front of a lot of people). In these stories, it was clear how crucial it is to consider a partner’s social anxiety or general wishes. Some folks were gracious and understanding when it came to why they were rejected — and some, thankfully, even got a second chance.

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