‘Alpha male’ Prince Philip was ‘never going to be easy option’ as Queen’s husband – expert

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Queen Elizabeth II, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, are celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary on November 20, 2020. The royal couple married four years before Elizabeth acceded the throne, an event which dramatically altered their relationship and its dynamic.

At the time of their royal wedding, the Duke of Edinburgh had a budding career in the Royal Navy however it was one he would have to later sacrifice in order to serve the crown.

As the Queen’s Consort Philip’s role was to dedicate himself entirely to royal duty, something as an independent man he initially struggled with.

Body language expert and author Judi James has analysed photos of the Queen and Philip over the years to mark their 73rd anniversary and shared her findings with Express.co.uk.

In her analysis, Judi touches on the challenges Philip may have faced given his “alpha male” attitude and the entrenched gender roles that existed at the time of the Queen’s accession.

Judi James told Express.co.uk: “One of the outstanding, defining qualities of the Queen’s reign has been continuity.

“Her core strength has been her resistance to change and innovation and she appears to have brought that same trait to her own marriage.

“Prince Philip was never going to be the easy option for a relationship where tradition would place him a few rungs lower than his wife in terms of status, power and authority.”

According to Judi, Philip has “all the hallmarks of a traditional alpha male.”

The expert said: “They married at a time when women had minimal influence in terms of business or the running of the country and when men would be expected to be the provider and leader of the family unit, and Philip has all the hallmarks of a traditional alpha male.”

According to Judi, despite the enormous societal shifts which have taken place during their lengthy marriage, the Queen and Philip’s body language has widely remained the same.

Judi said: “In the seventy-three years of their marriage the couple have also witnessed global change and personal tragedies, scandals and disasters but – amazingly – their body language signals as they pose together as a couple tend to be cyclical.”

To illustrate this, the expert compared a photo of the royal couple on their wedding day to one taken in 2018.


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Judi said: “Take the photo of them on their wedding day in 1947 as they stand together on the dais and compare it to the photo of them posing in Broadlands in 2018 and their non-verbal signals are almost identical.”

Judi described the shift triggered by the Queen’s accession to the throne as a “potentially huge wrecking ball” for their relationship the royal couple has endured.

The expert said: “There have been signs of changes in their relationship over time, especially the potentially huge wrecking ball of status change when Elizabeth became Queen, suddenly eclipsing her husband as she walked ahead of him at royal events while he adopted his signature pose of standing and walking with his hands clasped behind his back.”

Judi claims despite Philip’s inferior status, recent photos of the couple show they have managed to maintain the same spark they had on their wedding day.

Judi added: “But somehow the couple have landed back in the same place as they started here in 2018, almost as though the seventy-odd time lapse between the two photos has gone in the blink of an eye.”

The Queen was 21-years-old when she tied the knot with Prince Philip who was 26 at the time.

Following Philip’s retirement in 2017, the royal couple became used to spending less time together as the Duke chose to base himself at Wood Farm in Sandringham.

However, over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic means they have spent more time together than usual as they have reunited at Windsor Castle for both national lockdowns.

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