Chilling CCTV shows moments before teen shoots van driver outside Essex garage

CCTV footage shows the movements of a teenager hours before he shot a van driver dead outside a BP garage in Essex.

Bradley Blundell, 19, shot 34-year-old electrician John Pordage in the chest outside a garage on Baddow Road, Chelmsford, Essex, on August 5 last year.

He was found guilty of murdering Mr Pordage and was told to prepare to spend life behind bars.

Footage shows Blundell riding his bike to a Co-op, believed to be Havengore Co-op in Springfield, reports Essex Live.

He leaves his bike outside and walks into the store at 9.19pm.

Blundell is seen wandering around and at one point looks outside the front doors and comes back in seconds later.

He then walks around the shop, appearing to look for items but does not purchase anything.

He is constantly checking his phone, and leaves the store at 9.24pm.

CCTV footage from the petrol station also shows the vital moments leading up to the murder of Mr Pordage.

Mr Pordage went to the petrol station with a friend in the early hours of August 5 last year following a night out at Missoula in Chelmsford.

He parked at a petrol pump at the BP garage, along Baddow Road, in Great Baddow, when a blue Ford Fiesta pulled up beside him moments later.

The fatal shooting, which took place at around 2am, saw armed police and paramedics descend on the major route, which was subsequently closed for nearly two days.

Mr Pordage, who was initially treated at the scene, was taken to A&E at Broomfield Hospital.

Despite several attempts to resuscitate him, he was pronounced dead shortly before 3.30am.

15 months on from the tragic altercation which shocked the local community, Blundell was found guilty of murder following an 18 day trial at Woolwich Crown Court in London.

Blundell, of Cromwell Close, Boreham, was also found guilty of conspiracy to do an act with intent to pervert the course of justice.

CCTV shows John arriving at the garage in his work van with his friend Jamal Samuels at 1.52am.

Moments later the Fiesta Bulndell is travelling in drives into the adjacent petrol pump.

The female driver gets out of the car and speaks to the attendant at the night hatch before returning to the vehicle to buy petrol.

Mr Pordage is then seen getting out of his car with his friend and walking slowly up to the night hatch.

The Fiesta drives out of the forecourt and a hand gesture is seen to be made out of the window.

At 2.05am, two men are seen walking back towards the petrol garage but the CCTV cannot reach high enough past their torso, and only shows their legs in the images.

Tracy Ayling, QC, prosecuting said either Mr Pordage or Mr Samuels shouted ‘nice bum’, while on the way to buy cigarettes and pop at the garage’s kiosk before the shooting took place.

Ms Ayling added: "At about 2:10am on Saturday 5 August last year, at the BP garage on Baddow Road, John Pordage aged 34-years was shot dead, the Crown say, by the first defendant Bradley Blundell who was aged 17 at the time.

"The reason for the shooting appears to be nothing more than either Mr Pordage or a friend he was with, Jamal Samuels, remarking that Ella Colegate the driver of the car Mr Blundell was in, had a nice bum.

"Ms Colegate was a witness to that shooting but the crown say she and Mr Blundell were in communication with each other, saying that were she to give evidence in this trial she would say she could not remember what happened that night and she, Ms Colegate told another witness that was what she was going to do."

Blundell was armed with a .32 calibre handgun which he fired twice.

One of the bullets hit Mr Pordage’s chest killing him and another ricocheted off a telephone box and bounced harmlessly onto the floor.

After the shooting, Blundell went on the run for 239 days.

In April, Blundell was arrested and charged with murdering Mr Pordage after handing himself in to police in Amsterdam.

He now faces life in prison.

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