Daredevil filmed parachuting off an 18-storey block of flats in South London

Shocking footage has emerged online of a man parachuting off an 18-storey block of flats in South London.

The man can be seen free-falling for around five floors before his parachute opens and he glides down alongside the building, eventually landing on the pavement.

The daredevil reportedly threw himself from a building in Peckham on Saturday night. The footage has since gone viral after it was published on social media by 'KS CGP£'.

In the clip, the man edges his way onto a ledge on the outside of the building. The adrenaline junkie’s silhouette can be seen in the second window from the top of the building for a few moments before he takes the plunge.

Meanwhile, the filming bystander can be heard saying “My man’s in a parachute yeah fam!” before the man leaps.

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The onlooker yells “Oh sh*t! Oh my days! Don’t wrap it fam!” as the daredevil is seen falling to the ground.

After he has safely landed on the ground, the relieved cameraman shouts “Fam that is f*cking wild fam! That is wild!” as the daredevil lands on his feet near them and the crowd bursts into pleased laughter.

The man who posted the clip online likens the terrifying jump to action computer game Grand Theft Auto 18+. One person commented on Twitter : “These man are moving like this is real life GTA”

Whilst another declared that the video was “GTA Peckham’!

Meanwhile, another stunned commentator wrote: “Man is jumping from buildings like he’s Bruce Wayne”.

More than 700,000 people have watched the clip on Twitter and it’s been shared 55,000 times.

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