Dating app only has one person you can match with – the person who created it

Nothing presents the paradox of choice like dating apps. There are suitors available at the tip of your fingertips which makes it all the more difficult to just choose one.

So one man is making it much, much easier for you as he’s created an app that has literally one match. And it’s him. Shocker.

Aaron Smith is the brains behind Singularity – an app with many different profiles which are basically just him in different costumes.

Clearly not without a sense of humour, the 32-year-old, from North Carolina, can be seen in many joke profiles as an ‘All-American guy’, as a guitarist, and even donning a few wigs.

Though it is a bit of a joke, Aaron was serious about creating Singularity and enlisted the help of his web developer pal Scott McDowell. He even created an advert promoting Singularity.

‘I came up with the idea after a series of lousy dates over Tinder/Bumble/Hinge,’ Aaron tells

‘I wanted to shoot a comedy sketch about a dating app where women could only match with me, which is a ridiculous premise but I needed a visual component in order to do it.’

He added: ‘The whole thing is 90% satire but I’m absolutely willing to meet someone through the site. But the main goal was to acknowledge the state of online dating in 2019 while offering a solution that’s arguably worse.’

But it isn’t a bad tactic – Aaron’s managed to score a few digits. Apparently women from around the world have been hitting him up, particularly on Facebook.

‘It’s mostly a joke but if I end up meeting someone special through it I won’t turn it down,’ he continued. ‘What do I have to lose, right?

‘I’ve been talking to a few women from all over the world. I get tons of Facebook friend requests every day. I got a really sweet email from someone in Oregon and we’re talking a bit (which I’m excited about) but I’m taking things one day at a time.’

If you’re charmed by Aaron’s unusual app then you might be curious to know more about him. He is a technical support worker. His main interests are recording engineering, technology and politics.

He also occasionally produces absurd comedy videos and he lives in Greensboro. If that sounds like your ideal man, you can hit him up on the Singularity app, available on mobile devices only.

Here are some of the dating profiles you may come across on Singularity:

He has a good job then (Picture: Aaron Smith)

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