DeAndre Nico Admitted He Was ‘Ready To Be Done’ With ‘The Voice’ Before Elimination

DeAndre Nico’s elimination from ‘The Voice’ has left fans outraged, but as he EXCLUSIVELY told us a week before his controversial exit, he didn’t care if he won the competition or not!

At the end of the Dec. 4 episode of The Voice, viewers couldn’t believe what they just saw, as DeAndre Nico was eliminated from the competition after a controversial move by his coach, Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 singer appeared to throw his support behind his other artist, Reagan Strange, which likely sent DeAndre home. Yet, while EXCLUSIVELY talking with last week, DeAndre didn’t seem all that concerned with winning The Voice. “I don’t care,” he said.

“The reason why I don’t care is because my life is set — if I win or not. It’s not even a competition. It’s not a competition bro. I am top ten,” DeAndre told It seemed that after spending so many weeks on The Voice, the Texas native was ready to head home. “I’m ready… I’m ready to be done with this,” DeAndre said. “The busyness. I love what we do. You know, this is cool man. We come to visit ya’ll and we get to meet people like you. And we get to sing to the whole world so that is an amazing feeling…”

A lot of Voice viewers weren’t feeling amazing after seeing DeAndre’s elimination. The issue was two-fold: both he and Reagan Strange landed in the bottom three (with Blake Shelton’s team member, Dave Fenley.) Reagan was too sick to perform during the Instant Save and watched as Dave and DeAndre sang for their lives. Adam, while praising DeAndre, seemingly urged voters to vote for Reagan because as a father of two girls, he couldn’t live with himself if a young female singer didn’t have a fair shot at the competition. Ultimately, Reagan came out on top and earned a spot in the semifinals.

Even though Adam basically picked Reagan over him, DeAndre didn’t seem to hold a grudge afterward. “You can never take an L when you’re operating from your heart,” he said in his first statement since his elimination. He thanks God for “giving me the exposure needed for my next steps in my life,” and said that “all is well on my end. My journey continues.” While he did express some of his gratitude to the Voice family, it should be noted that his message didn’t mention Adam by name.

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