DVF Can Swim A Mile In Open Water

At age 73, fashion designer and businesswoman Diane von Furstenberg is inspiring young women to lead with confidence and conviction—because owning who you are never goes out of style. Here, the icon shares the lessons she’s learned through her storied career.

1. Embrace The Power Of You

“Being #InCharge is never about acting aggressively toward others. The only thing you have control of is your character. You can lose your health and your wealth, but never your character.”

2. Exercise Your Body And Mind


“I’m a big swimmer, and I spend quite a few months a year in a boat. When I swim a mile, that’s my best meditation—there’s the sea, the sky, and I’m in between.”

3. Seek Inspo From Your Sisters

“I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t strong, even if she didn’t always show it. More and more, I’m inspired by women: women throughout history, women writers, women characters, women’s stories.”

4. Don’t Forget To Prioritize Yourself

“The most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself. Once you strengthen that, any other relationship is a plus, not a must.”


This article originally appeared in the March 2020 issue of Women’s Health.

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