Eve Sleep Black Friday 2020: Up to 35% off mattresses, bed frames and more

EVE Sleep has just launched its Black Friday offers, featuring plenty of quality items ready to be snapped up.

The top offers include up to 35 per cent off mattresses and 20 per cent off bed frames.

Just because a product is in a Black Friday sale, doesn't mean you can’t find it, or something similar, cheaper elsewhere. Always shop around before you spend your money.

  • Eve Sleep's Black Friday sale – find it here

Black Friday is a good opportunity to upgrade your bedroom setup as offers from retailers and brands keep coming in.

Eve Sleep is no exception: here are the highlights of its Black Friday sale:

  • Up to 35% off Mattresses – find it here
  • 20% off Bed Frames – find it here
  • Up to 25% off other products – find it here

Eve Sleep offers six different mattresses and there's a selection of both hybrid and memory foam mattresses as well as some lighter options too:

  • The Premium Mattress, £758 (save £190) – buy here
  • The Premium Hybrid Mattress, £782 (save £196) -buy here
  • The Original Mattress, £321 (save £108) – buy here
  • The Original Hybrid Mattress, £389 (save £130) – buy here
  • The Lighter Mattress, £194 (save £105)- buy here
  • The Lighter Hybrid Mattress, £376 (save £203) – buy here

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The sleep-wellness brand also offers bed frames, with plenty of style options, as well as storage beds for creating extra space in your bedroom.

  • The button back bed frame, £479 (save £120) – buy here
  • The spindle bed frame, £759 (save £190) – buy here

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