If Your Partner Doesn’t Love You Enough, 11 Women Who’ve Been There Explain What To Do

One of those pesky things fairytales and rom-coms don’t quite warn you about is the potential that the person you love so dearly may not love you back in the same capacity. Yes, you guys could enter a relationship. And, yes, they could love you to a certain extent. But there’s always the terrifying chance that they may not love you enough. So what are you supposed to do in that case? What do you do when your partner doesn’t love you enough?

Understand people have different love languages.


Understand when it’s time to leave.


Determine whether or not it’s an issue of investment.


Don’t keep a score card.


Get a grip on reality.


Take note of how you benefit each other’s lives.


If you’re feeling unfulfilled, leave.


Figure out the way you need to be loved.


Accept that you’re going to have on days and off days.


Understand that your life might not necessarily wind up being a Disney romance.


At the end of the day, only one question matters: Are your needs being met in this relationship? How fulfilled are you? If you’re really truly happy, don’t bother checking the score board for who loves who more.

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