I’ve cheated on my wife because she has become so fat that I don’t fancy her anymore – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: SADLY my wife has become so fat that I just don’t fancy her any more.

She was slim and beautiful when we got married but gained lots of weight with her pregnancies.

We live in the Middle East where I have a good job. I am 38, my wife is 34 and we have two children, a boy of six and a girl of nine, who has long-term health problems.

I have cheated many times and we’ve talked about divorce. My wife knows I don’t love her but stays for the sake of our children.

We sleep in separate bedrooms and I watch porn and masturbate. I am Muslim and considered getting a second wife, but I could not afford two families.

DEIDRE SAYS:Neither you nor your wife is happy but supporting her to lose weight will help far more than cheating.

Tell her you are worried about her health and you want the whole family to get into healthier eating patterns and to do some regular exercise together.

It will be best for your children and it will help your wife to shed the pounds.

My e-leaflet Weight Worries will help with practical suggestions.

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