Jeffrey Dean Morgan Adopts Bonded Donkey And Emu

‘The Walking Dead’ star who plays the infamous villain, Negan, adopted a donkey and emu to help keep them together.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan may play a cold, mean character on the AMC hit show, “The Walking Dead,” but he proved to his fans this week he has a heart of gold. After seeing an Instagram post from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, out of North Carolina, regarding a bonded donkey and emu that can’t live without the other, Morgan stepped up and offered to take both of them, according to his Twitter account.

A male donkey and female emu, who were named Jack and Diane, were rescued from a farm in South Carolina after the owner abandoned the farm and the animals, according to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, as reported by the Charlotte Observer. The donkey and emu were housed together at the farm and had clearly bonded. Jennifer Gordon, founder of the nonprofit organization, knew it would be difficult to adopt them out together. If the two are separated, Diane “drums” for Jack, something only a female emu does to call for their mate.

“They like to cuddle and even sleep together,” Gordon told the Charlotte Observer. “We can’t separate them. Where one goes, the other follows.”

Little did the rescue know that the luck of Jack and Diane was about to change. After the rescue posted on Twitter and Instagram photos and follow-ups regarding Jack and Diane’s adventures, Morgan inquired whether the pair was looking for a forever home.

What followed was a series of talks as the rescue worked with Morgan to find Jack and Diane a forever home. Once Morgan became the official adopter, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue loaded up Jack and Diane to travel the long distance to New Jersey. After almost a month, Jack and Diane arrived at their new home on December 4.

Morgan posted an update on his Twitter account.

“A quick update to those interested… J&D made it HOME. They spent the day exploring new digs… and I just tucked them in to bed with some berries for Diane, apple for Jack. Family is in love with its newest members. Thanks to @waterfowlrescue the world needs more of you.”

Likewise, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is thankful to Morgan for bringing the bonded pair to his farm. The rescue posted on its Facebook page when Jack and Diane were delivered to their new home.

“We just want to say that Jeffrey and Hilarie are amazing people. They were so hospitable to us today and it’s obvious the care and love that goes into the farm. Jack and Diane have the best home.”

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is a nonprofit 501c3 wildlife rescue. Volunteers rescue, rehabilitate and provide sanctuary for wildlife, farm animals, exotic animals and some domestic animals.

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