JWoww ‘Incredibly Shocked’ Roger Reached Out To Her Ex, Tom, Ahead Of His $25K Extortion Attempt

Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley was dealt another blow amid her split from Roger Mathews – she found out he contacted her other ex, who tried to extort her! HL has learned EXCLUSIVELY how she feels.

Roger Mathews, 42, has taken things to the next level in his split from Jenni “JWoww” Farley, 32, and things have turned from bad to ugly pretty quickly! “Jenni is upset to have learned that Roger has been contacting several of her ex-boyfriends, including her ex Tom (Lippolis),” a source close to the situation shares EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.  “Roger has publicly said on his Instagram unkind things about Jenni and Jenni feels Roger is trying to destroy her credibility and public image. Jenni feels incredibly shocked that someone would do this to her.” Roger being in contact with Tom is quite troubling, as the latter was just arrested for third degree extortion, the Toms River Police Department confirmed on Dec. 19 in a press release. Jenni went to the police with her claims that Tom threatened to “divulge secrets [about her] to the media” if she didn’t pay him $25,000, according to the press release. An investigation was launched, which ultimately resulted in Tom being arrested and charged with third degree extortion.

The extent of Roger and Tom’s communication is unclear, but ‘JWoww’ was beyond upset to learn that Roger turned to Tom amidst their issues. “She and Roger had nothing but love and respect for one another up until all of this happened,” our source added. “Jenni believes Roger’s a great father and can’t imagine how he would do such a thing and go to the extreme of reaching out to her exes.” Roger told HollywoodLife he has “no comment” on this story.

Jenni and Roger separated in September, and he spent several weeks trying to win her back. However, things in their relationship took a turn for the worse earlier this month, when the pair got into a blowout fight and she filed for a temporary restraining order against him. He went public with the story, claiming Jenni was trying to keep their two kids, Meilani, 4, and Greyson, 2, from him, which led to JWoww facing a lot of negativity on social media. This has been the hardest part of all for the reality star, according to our source.

“It’s gotten so bad on social media that Jenni has received death threats, all while Roger has shown clear signs on his social media of being careless and destructive,” the insider shared. “Jenni feels scared and doesn’t want to even leave her home. She just wants to be inside with her children.”

Jenni wants to keep the kids’ lives as normal as possible amidst this ongoing legal matter, so Roger has been spending time with them like usual. However, don’t expect to see Jenni anywhere near him! “Because of the restraining order that is still in place, friends have been helping by bringing the kids to Roger,” our source said. “He’s still staying at his friend’s home. Jenni’s really looking forward to just being with her kids and letting the police handle everything as this is now a very messy legal matter. Jenni is incredibly strong and will come out even more on top when all of this is over.”

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