Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx: How Romantic Holiday Getaway In Miami Saved Their Relationship

Who knew so much drama was hiding behind Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s Miami holiday? This trip reportedly revitalized their love, as Katie used the trip to convince Jamie to give their love ‘one last shot.’

Never doubt the power of a good vacation, as they have the power to patch up a fractured relationship, it seems. When Katie Homes, 40, and Jamie Foxx, 51, were spotted on holiday in the waters off Miami in late December, it looked like they were having the time of their lives. It seems there was some trouble in paradise, as a source tells Life & Style that prior to the trip, Jamie “pumped the breaks” – over the phone – because he was unwilling to go public with their romance. Katie wasn’t ready to give up, though. “The weekend together in Miami was Katie’s idea.”

“She went above and beyond to show Jamie that she’s still in love with him,” the insider added, “begging him to give their relationship one more shot. It was really a make-or-break vacation, and it worked. Katie and Jamie’s little yacht adventure was just what the doctor ordered. Jamie was impressed by Katie’s initiative and it definitely put the spark back into their relationship.”

It wasn’t all just PDA during this trip – as the two were spotted passionately making out while on their vacation yacht. They supposedly connected deeper on a spiritual level. “They had a deep conversation about their future together, “ the source told Life & Style. Marriage is still on the table for these two, and Katie, according to the insider, admitted to “stringing Jamie along for too long. But this is a new beginning for them. It was a sign that things may finally change and they can move forward in their relationship.”

Hopefully, this means that these two will, you know, actually acknowledge that they’re dating. The two haven’t really talked about their not-so-secret secret romance in the press. When Jamie was attending Sean Penn’s HRO & Disaster Relief Organizations Gala in Los Angeles, Us Weekly asked him how his romantic vacation in Miami went. “It was foolish!” he responded, which so far, is the most he’s ever said about dating Katie.

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