KUWTK Recap: Kris Tells Kim She's Going to Rehab, Dresses Like a Dalmatian to Win Back Corey's Affection

Corey walked into the house and found Kris was dressed like a Dalmatian.

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(NOTE: The below was not actually written by North West.)

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The episode picked back up at the point where Scott and Khloe confessed that the paparazzi photos of Kris were all an elaborate prank that they had been cooking up for five months. Kris couldn’t believe that everything was a prank and that everyone was in on it. Scott thought it would be fun to keep the prank going and turn around and prank Kim because she didn’t know that Kris was now in on the joke. Kim called Kris and Kris let her know that she was very upset about the paparazzi pictures of her appearing drunk. Kris made it very believable.

North West: These people have way too much time on their hands. Isn’t there some Febreze bottles Auntie Khloe should be bedazzling or a knock off Yeezy sweatshirt Scott should be selling?

Later Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kris, Corey, Scott, Kourtney and her daughter Penelope all met up at Nobu for dinner. Drinks were being ordered for the table, but Kris said she was only drinking water. She wanted to torture Kim and make her believe she still didn’t know about the prank.

I was invited to this dinner, but I asked “Who all gone be there?” and opted out once I found out it was a Disick heavy dinner.

Kim invited everyone to Kanye’s fashion show in Paris. Kim was a little nervous about traveling because of the coronavirus and no one knew a lot about the virus, but Fashion Week in Paris was still scheduled to happen. She also talked to friends in Paris and everyone felt comfortable. The dinner ended with Kris and Cory announcing that they got a new poodle named, Bridgette.

Around this time I was very cautious about the coronavirus, but I was still traveling and the Malikas were still in the office. I had no idea it would turn into what it is today.

Back at Kris’ house, Corey and Kris played with Bridgette. Corey had never had a dog before and was excited to be a dog parent with Kris. However, he wanted Kris to understand that Kris had to take care of the dog too and clean up after it as well. Kris said she wasn’t a dog person, but something about Bridgette stole her heart.

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Auntie Kourt, Auntie Kylie, Auntie Khloe, The Malikas, and now Kris. Kris just couldn’t be left out of the co-parenting fun.

At Scott’s house Scott and Khloe talked about how scared they are about the coronavirus. They had a feeling that Paris Fashion Week would get shut down. Khloe and Scott decided they would stay home because they didn’t want to get sick, make other people sick or get stuck in Paris and be away from their kids if a travel ban happened. The uncertainty made everything uncomfortable. They said they loved Kanye, but they couldn’t take the risk.

The moment Scott turned down a free trip to Paris, where there would be free alcohol, that’s when I knew the coronavirus was serious.

In Paris, Kourtney was excited but she expressed that she was worried about the coronavirus. She hoped Kanye’s fashion show was still happening. Kourtney and Kim planned to spend time with their girls rather than do the social scene.

Auntie Kourt should just be happy she was even invited to Paris after her poor behavior last season.

The next day, Kim and Kourtney dressed in Balmain latex looks. They were planning on wearing latex to the Balenciaga fashion show, but Kanye was doing Sunday Service right before that show so they had to wear latex to church (essentially). Getting the latex outfit on was a journey. It took a team to get Kim into the entire outfit. Kourtney had to go to the bathroom, but Kim told her to hold it.

Back in California at Kris’ house, Corey and Kris set-up a dog training session for Bridgette, but Kris was M.I.A. Corey had hoped that Kris would eventually start showing up to the dog training lessons. He did not want to be a single dog parent. Kris felt bad about not helping, but she was busy and exhausted.

Corey needs to understand that Kris has raised her kids and she has grandkids. He’s trying to co-parent this dog with someone’s grandma. She doesn’t have the energy.

Later, Kris and Corey went to lunch, but Corey brought Bridgette with them. He wanted to inspire Kris to help more with the dog, so he started giving Bridgette the attention he usually gave Kris. Corey opened Bridgette’s car door, ordered her organic chicken at the restaurant, and cuddled her. He also told Kris he wanted to take the dog to the Lakers game and Palm Springs, and he wanted to get a watch made for her. Corey said that no one came before Bridgette. Kris wasn’t sure if she thought that Corey thinking he was really Bridgette’s dad was amazing or a little crazy.

This strategy also works on Kris when I start giving other managers my attention and my 10%.

Back in Paris, Kim said she was disappointed that Khloe and Scott didn’t come because of the coronavirus, but she understood. Kourtney almost didn’t come because of her anxiety about the virus, but she thought they would be fine if they were being safe. Despite the virus, Kanye’s Fashion show was still happening.

Auntie Kourt was able to get a lot of good content for her little website. She really should thank us for giving her the opportunity to travel and grow her passion project.

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During their confessional, Khloe and Kris called Kim while she was in Paris to keep the prank going. Kris screamed to Kim that she was going to rehab in Palm Springs. Kim hung up and immediately texted Khloe that she felt bad about the prank and should they end it. Khloe told her they were going to keep it going.

Back in Paris, Kim tells Kourtney that because of the prank their mom was planning to check herself into rehab because she thought she has a drinking problem. Kim had anxiety over keeping the prank going. Kim was determined to not let Kris go to rehab. Kim couldn’t deal with her mom because of the stress of fashion week. All the fittings were pushed back because of the virus. Things were still being sewn and clothes were still being shipped in.

If I had to choose between being concerned about someone in this family going to rehab or my fashion show in Paris going smoothly, fashion is gonna win every single time.

In California, Kris went to lunch with longtime friend, Fay. Kris told her friend that she and Corey got a dog and that Corey gives the dog all his attention. Fay noticed that Kris seemed jealous of the dog and it’s silly because she’s Kris Jenner. Fay assured her she has nothing to worry about and Corey would calm down soon. Even though Kris wanted her boyfriend back, she agreed with Fay.

Back in Paris, Kim, North, Kourtney, and Penelope were running late to Kanye’s show. Kanye’s show always started on time and Kim didn’t go all the way to Paris to miss this one. They ended up arriving at the show just on time. There were a lot of people in attendance, but Kim tried not to look nervous about the coronavirus.

Mommy just had to invite Auntie Kourt to Paris. She made us late to everything the whole trip because she was trying to do an Instagram story for POOSH. How long does it take to post about plant-based tacos?

As a surprise treat North performed at Kanye’s fashion show. Kim was so nervous for North that she started crying. Kim was proud of how confident and fearless her daughter was on stage. Kanye thought that North did a good job. Kourtney thought it was so cool that Kanye was able to do the show given everything that was going on with coronavirus and it was cool to see North have no fear and perform. Overall trip and the fashion show was great and they made some great memories.

Yes, I go onstage and my mic is on. I am the moment.

People forget that I once passed on Coachella because the money wasn’t right. And just to be clear I write and produce all my music, and I own my masters. Period.

Back at Kris’ house, Corey was still all about Bridgette. Corey walked into the house and found Kris was dressed like a Dalmatian. Kris said because he’s all about the dog, she thought if she dressed up like a dog he would pay more attention to her. Corey explained that the real problem was that she brought the dog into the house, but he was the one doing all the work. He just wanted to teach her a lesson because it’s important to him that they parent the dog together.

Unable to render YouTube Video.

Welp. There it is. If Auntie Kylie wants Travis Scott to pay more attention to her, she’s going to have to dress up like Stormi.

At Kim’s house, Kim talked to Scott about North’s performance at Kanye’s Fashion Show in Paris. She was interrupted by a call from Kris. Kris called Kim to tell her she went to Palm Springs to check herself into rehab. Kim couldn’t take it anymore and confessed that the pictures were all a prank by Khloe and Scott. Kris started yelling and cussing Kim out and hung up on her. Scott was impressed by Kris’ acting. Kim texted everyone that was involved in the prank panicking. She was not taking the fall for them. Kris suddenly appeared in the room and instantly Kim knew that Kris was in on the prank. Kim was shocked that she fell for the prank and she too was amazed by Kris’ acting. Kim wanted nothing more to do with any pranks going forward since she ended up getting pranked and it wasn’t even her idea.

I wonder if we will still do pranks once the show is over? Maybe us announcing the end of the show is just one giant, elaborate prank we’re playing on Scott to scare him into getting a real job. That’s a prank I could get behind.

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