Mum potty trained daughter at just two weeks old and she now uses the toilet

There’s no set time you need to potty train your children, but the NHS estimates that most parents tend to start the process when their child is between two and two-and-a-half.

But for this mum, it was more like two weeks. Yep, you read that right.

Byron Bay parents Montana Lower and Tom Linwood used a method called elimination communication (EC) on their daughter Blue, who apparently hasn’t pooed in a nappy since she was two weeks old.

Elimination communication may seem like something of a hippy fad, but has been used for hundreds – if not thousands – of years.

Instead of using a nappy, parents look for cues to see whether their baby might need to go to the toilet, taking them to the potty when the time comes.

Tom and Montana shared their EC journey on a recent YouTube video, where Tom said: ‘Every mum knows when their baby is hungry and they have cues for that and they have the same cues when they need to go to the toilet. It’s just about listening and watching for it.’

The pair highlighted that disposable nappies haven’t been around for very long, and that EC was the standard method for many people in the past.

Now that blue is nine months old, the parents claim that she uses the toilet just like them (of course holding her) which they say is ‘a lot cleaner’.

The family – who live on a renovated bus – do occasionally use nappies, but decided to switch to mostly EC for environmental reasons, because they believe it helps Blue connect better with them, and so that she grows up feeling no shame around her body.

They also believe that this takes away the need to ‘unlearn’ for Blue. Rather than teaching her to use a nappy and then changing what she knows, they just started teaching her to use the toilet from the get-go.

Montana and Tom initially used a plastic container for Blue’s ablutions, saying that it only took about a day to get the baby used to not wearing a nappy.

They’d advice any other parents considering trying the method to dress their baby in something like a dress that can be easily removed, and stick to their little one’s side for a full day to get used to their specific cues.

Try to positively reinforce their toilet experience so they get used to showing you when they need to go.

Potty training is never an easy feat, and for parents who work it can be even harder to incorporate EC.

However, if this story is anything to go by, it can be done – no matter how early.

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