Mum pulls son, 9, out of school over tuna sandwich he was offered for lunch

A furious mum has taken her son out of school after he was offered a tuna sandwich for lunch.

Stacy Jarvis said her boy missed out on his lunch because he 'took his time' in the toilet and was late to the canteen.

The school had run out of hot food by the time her nine-year-old boy, Jayden, reached the dining hall, Hull Live reports.

The Year 5 pupil at Thanet Primary School, in Hull, was offered a tuna sandwich, but he turned it away because he has never liked the fish.

His mum has slammed the school for allowing her boy to go 'all day without eating' on Tuesday.

She ended up pulling Jayden out of the school after confronting his head teacher about the situation on Wednesday morning.

Miss Jarvis, 31, also mum to Alisha, seven, and Cole, five, said she will now keep her boy off school until he receives an apology for 'making him upset and hungry.'

The school says every child is provided with a meal at lunchtime.

Miss Jarvis said: "They pulled me in when I picked the bains up and said 'Jayden will come out and tell you he had no lunch because he took his time on the toilet, so the only option left was a tuna sandwich and he doesn’t like it'.

"I said I was a phone call away, and they could have rung me to bring a lunch in so he was at least fed, not going six and a half hours without food.

"They said 'I was too busy to give you a call', so I said 'all the staff in this school and no one could give me a call?' I was fuming.

"He usually gets a hot meal, but he was having a poo and there was nothing left, but they apparently made three Year 6s a cheese sandwich, but Jayden only got offered a tuna sandwich."

Miss Jarvis, who is 22 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, said the row with the head teacher then erupted the next morning when she went into school to discuss the issue.

The stay-at-home mum from east Hull said: "I tried talking to the head about it, but her attitude was, 'I never got told', so I said 'this is why I've come to you, you're meant to know about issues that go on with parents and pupils'.

"I said 'it won't happen again, I've told him, you don’t stay at school without any lunch, you come home' and she said 'I don’t think that’s right to tell your child to leave school' and I said 'well I don’t think its right to let my child starve'.

"She said 'we would have to ring the  police  if you did that'. I said 'would you like it if your child was at school with no dinner?' and she said 'I'm sure there’s a way around it', but I said 'well there's not been'.

"She said 'I don’t like the way you speak to me' and I said 'I don’t like how Jayden was at school all day without food all day'.

"I’ve tried speaking to her and I've got nowhere with her, it's like I was stood there talking to myself.

"Their attitude is 'well if he doesn’t like it (the tuna sandwich), then tough. It's not his fault he missed out. You don’t know how long you’re going to be on the toilet for, do you?

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