Mum swears off ironing for good thanks to easy laundry hanging method

Ironing ranks pretty highly among the most hated household chores, but one Aussie mum has found a way to swear off doing it forever.

All you need to mimic her are hangers, pegs and a suitable place to hang your clothes.

The woman shared her method on a Facebook cleaning group, writing that she first washes her clothes on a gentle cycle.

When the cycle is finished, she shakes each item of clothing she wants creaseless to get rid of any wrinkles.

Then she puts them on hangers, making sure they’re hanging so that they dry in the right shape.

Afterwards, she takes the pegs and attaches them to the washing line outside, and hangs the clothes hangers from the pegs.

This is meant to stop the clothes from moving too much in the wind and getting creased as they dry.

When the clothes are dry, all you need to do is move the hangers to your wardrobe – easy.

The mum’s post has proven popular in the group, earning more than 900 likes so far.

She wrote: ‘I’ll never iron again!’, while one commenter said: ‘Fantastic idea, thanks for sharing.’

Admittedly this exact method requires somewhat more trustworthy weather than we’re used to having most of the year in this part of the world.

Instead of waiting for summer to try this trick out, you can hook the hangers over your usual clothes horse and let your laundry dry that way.

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