New Moon horoscope October 2020 astrology: What sign is October’s New Moon in?

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There’s a New Moon about once a month, and the next one happens on Friday, October 16. With just one night to prepare for the event, reveals YOUR New Moon horoscope with the help of Moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_) and her book Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles. What sign is October’s New Moon in?

Full Moons get a lot of attention because they are obviously visible in the sky and many consider them beautiful.

New Moons, however, can’t be seen with the naked eye.

This is because a New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon line up with the Sun and Earth on opposite sides.

This casts darkness on the Earth-facing side of the Moon, so we can’t see a New Moon in the sky from Earth.

After the New Moon, the Moon moves into its Waxing Crescent phase allowing us to see the Moon again.

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Astrologers believe that the Moon uses a gravitational pull to impact how we feel and what we want.

Because the Moon is so close to the Earth, astrologers believe that it influences our daily activity in the same way that the Sun does.

Many of us believe in our Sun signs, so it wouldn’t make sense to ignore the Moon’s impact.

While Full Moons are about completion and letting go, New Moons are about creation, new ideas, and setting intentions.

What sign is October’s New Moon in?

Every time the Moon moves through its cycles, the Full and New Moons occur in a different zodiac sign.

From Earth we see the Moon moving through the zodiac constellations.

Each sign brings us a different energy and moves us in a different direction, regardless of our star signs.

However, you will feel the energy of a New or Full Moon more strongly if it is in your sign.

This New Moon is in airy Libra, so Librans and the other air signs Aquarius and Gemini will be impacted the most.

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New Moon horoscope October 2020 astrology

Kirsty Gallagher’s book Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles reveals exactly what a Libra New Moon means for us all.

The Moon in Libra is all about achieving balance and making a decision.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit wobbly or life has been chaotic recently?

Libra Full and New Moons reveal cracks and truths and challenge you to fix or address them.

Whether this is at work, in your relationships, or even your relationship with yourself, the book notes: “It’s like a big mirror reflecting your life back to you – and you could finally get to see what you have been avoiding seeing for a long time.”

This Libra New Moon occurs during Libra season which brings in the autumn equinox, so it’s no surprise that it’s all about new beginnings and change.

Kirsty wrote: “Use the Libra New Moon to really go inwards and listen.

“Just as nature and the nights are drawing in all around you, this time of deep introspection is key to beginning the new season in a clear and focussed way.

“The drawing in is a beautiful opportunity to nurture the inner world of your hopes and dreams and get back on track with anything that got lost along the way in the height of summer.”

What are your goals and what is it you truly want? Use this New Moon to figure it out and get to work!

Goals are easier to achieve when you set intentions.

Kirsty advises taking the power of the Libran New Moon to get clear on your intentions for the next three months.

She wrote: “Make a list of three to five things you will achieve over the next three months through the autumn season and before the traditional year closes.”

Don’t be too hard on yourself though, you should also take time to practise self care and self love.

Kirsty advised in the book: “Practise the inner self-care of listening to your heart and soul.

“Dedicate a time every day over the waxing moon cycle to take care of yourself”.

Finally, this is a great time to improve your relationships and set boundaries.

Kirsty wrote in the book: “With relationships under the moonlight, this is a good moon under which to look at your bonds and boundaries in relationships.

“Do you give enough gratitude to people who fill your life with joy and are always there to support you?

“And how strong are your boundaries when it comes to the takers in your life?

“How much do you give, give, give with nothing in return?”

You heard her, now get writing your list, taking care of yourself and your loved ones, and start reassessing the things you’ve been putting off!

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