Odeon charging customers up to £40.75 per cinema ticket

Odeon has responded to criticism over prices it is charging in a newly-revamped branch of the cinema chain in London.

The Leicester Square cinema, which hosts glitzy film premieres, is reopening for Christmas after a multi-million pound refurbishment.

But some potential customers have taken to Twitter to complain after noticing ticket prices reaching highs of £40.75 in the booking section of the Odeon website.

Chris Presswell tweeted: "Mary Poppins Returns is now on sale at the newly revamped Odeon Leicester Square, at the bargain price of – HOW MUCH?!"

He posted a screenshot of the booking mechanism showing available seats with prices starting at £25.75 and going all the way up to £40.75.

That means a romantic date night to see the movie could set you back up to £81.50 – and that’s before you’ve even bought the popcorn.

Take the whole family and it could be even more expensive if you choose the good seats.

Odeon defended the ticket prices, telling Mirror Online it was just like paying for theatre or a live sporting events and claiming the charge varies based on demand, seat location and the film you are viewing.

An Odeon spokesperson said: "ODEON Luxe Leicester Square is different to any other cinema in the UK, with fantastic Dolby Cinema™ technology and unparalleled comfort creating a phenomenal experience.

"With tickets starting at just £10 for every show – and a range of other choices including Luxe recliners and the exclusive 22 full recliners in the Royal Box – it offers fantastic value compared to tickets for other popular destinations like the theatre, concerts or live sports.

"Price choices vary and flex depending on a number of factors including seat type and location in the auditorium, what we’re showing, time of day, and the number of people booking at one time (for example family tickets are cheaper per person).

"The first week of the biggest film of the year during the festive season is obviously peak, and guests can expect prices will flex throughout the year.

"Luxe Classic seats are included in ODEON Limitless membership, with just a £5 upgrade for Luxe Recliners (excluding Royal Box).”

Further information from the cinema shows that tickets to see Mary Poppins Returns start from £10.75 for the ‘Luxe Classic’ option.

Here are the ticket options you have on offer to see the Mary Poppins sequel, according to the Odeon:

  • Luxe Classic: currently available online from £10.75 for all shows – the lowest price on Leicester Square. Over half the seats in the auditorium (400+) are Luxe Classics, with online prices varying from £10.75 to £23.25 depending on location in the auditorium, date, time of day etc. Our Luxe Classic seat adjusts for the perfect position to enjoy the only Dolby Cinema™ experience in the UK.  
  • Luxe Recliner: online prices currently vary from  £10.75 to £35.75, depending on location in the auditorium, date, time of day etc. Our sumptuous Luxe recliners provide each guest with extra legroom and a tray table.
  • Royal Box: 22 guests can enjoy an exclusive experience in the Royal Box, with online prices currently ranging from £20.75 to £40.75. In the heart of the auditorium, our best ever seats offer a full recline, masses of legroom and extra width, and personal tables. 

The Leicester Square branch has been completely kitted out with luxury seating offering ‘sumptuous comfort’ for guests, who can also put their sweets and popcorn on personal tray tables.

Odeon has also partnered with Dolby to offer film fans the UK’s first Dolby Cinema experience, offering what they say is a ‘truly immersive and unforgettable cinematic experience, no matter where they are in the auditorium’.

Enhanced imaging will be provided thanks to a laser projection and customers can enjoy the new Dolby Atmos technology system for incredible sound quality.

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Heritage features have been preserved but the cinema boasts a new glass-fronted cocktail bar if you fancy a tipple after seeing your film.

The cinema has hosted more than 700 film premieres since it first opened in 1937, and will no doubt host many more.

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