Over Half of Pet Owners Would Break Up if Their Pet Didn't Like Their Partner, Survey Finds

Do you let your pet sleep in your bed? Have you thrown them their own birthday party? If so, you may just be one of the many Americans that are spoiling their pets.

In a new survey crafted by Joybird, the home furnishing brand questioned 1,000 pet owners across all 50 states and across a wide variety of demographics to find out where Americans are spoiling their lovable companions the most.

Asking pet owners to answer questions related to diet, grooming, toys, treats, and overall spending, Joybird then created a map to visualize how pet spoiling habits vary across the country on a scale of 1 through 5 — with 1 being least spoiled and 5 being most spoiled.

According to the survey results, Maryland has the most spoiled pets in the U.S., alongside residents in Utah, West Virginia, and Massachusetts, who follow closely behind and also spoil their pets heavily.

Meanwhile, some of the states with the least spoiled pets according to the survey were Montana, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

The survey, which ran from Aug. 14 to Aug. 16 of this year, also inquired what it means to spoil your pet.

Per the report, 80% of owners share food with their pets, 73% of owners let their pets into bed with them, and 65% of owners also treat their dogs to some relaxing CBD treats,

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The survey also found that over 80% of pet owners have thrown at least one birthday party for their pet and that 62% of pet owners devote time to maintaining a social media account for their pet.

Elsewhere, over 60% of respondents said that they would break up with their significant other if that person was not well-liked by their furry friend.

Finally, the survey also asked participants how much they spend on their pets over a year for necessities like food, grooming, and dog-walking, and found that over a third of respondents spend between $500 and $1,000 on their pets annually.

The survey deemed the statistic as "pretty reasonable" given the costs of food, pet insurance, and other expenses that come up throughout each year of a pet's life.

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