People are outraged after Gucci sells 'trendy turban' for $800

Gucci seem to be making a lifetime of poor decisions.

Selling culturally insensitive clothing has been a trend for the fashion brand this year, and their latest faux-pas has concerned members of the Sikh faith.

Online fashion website Nordstrom uploaded the blue ‘Indy Full Head Wrap’ priced at almost $800 (£625) causing more criticism to be directed to the brand.

The Italian brand has been caught out more than once this year for what has been called cultural appropriation and racial insensitivity of products it has produced.

In February, Gucci was made to pull a jumper that had alluded to blackface, a form of theatrical make-up used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a caricature of a black person, as it was pitch black with the ominous red lips associated with the act.

They were selling the jumper for $900 (£703) but it was taken down amid backlash.

Nordstrom’s website described the item as ‘a gorgeously crafted turban’ that will ‘turn heads while keeping you in comfort as well as trademark style.’

The recent events have enraged the Sikh community as the sold out  ‘Head Wrap’ which they saw as a direct insult to their culture.

One Twitter user, Aasees Kaur, wrote: ‘This is beyond aggravating. Did someone at @gucci even bother to figure out what a dastaar (turban) means to Sikhs? Did it cross your minds to consider the history behind our identity? My people are discriminated against, even killed, for wearing a turban.’

She added: ‘Who made the decision to capitalize on something so significant to Sikhs? And your team went as far as telling people how to accessorize for a “night on the town”. You don’t use a turban to add “pop of blue” in your outfit.’

The Sikh Coalition told INSIDER magazine in a statement that Nordstrom has since ‘offered their sincere apologies’ and will no longer sell the turban, and they ‘hope that Gucci will follow suit.’

According to the 2011 census, there were 432,000 Sikhs in the UK, or 0.7% of the population, and is the world’s fifth largest religion in the world.

The survey found that more than two-thirds of Sikhs were born in Britain and nine out of 10 describe their nationality as British. The overwhelming majority reject being described as Indian or Asian.

Gucci have been approached for comment.

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