People share their VERY cutting replies to texts from their ex

Just stop texting! People share the VERY cutting replies they’ve sent to desperate exes who can’t take the hint

  • Shareably rounded up messages from the textsfromyourex Instagram account
  • Savage responses from across globe show some things are best left in the past
  • Devastating responses include one who replaced name with a cutting alternative

While you may be lucky enough to have good memories of your ex, these texts show that some relationships are better left in the past. 

A hilarious online gallery collated by Shareably from the textsfromyourex Instagram account has revealed some of the most devastating responses people have received when they tried to ignite a former flame. 

The cutting messages include someone who corrected their ex’s spelling during their heartfelt attempt to win them back, and another who had renamed their previous partner ‘Waste of time’ on their phone. 

Another savage response included someone who thought their ex was trying to type a message to send to them, but discovered they were only lingering on their contact information so they could block them. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the sassiest text messages that prove revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Ouch! This unfortunate person thought their ex was trying to send them a message, but instead was trying to block their number 

Big mistake! This savage response saw someone correct the spelling of their name during their ex’s heartfelt attempt to win them back 

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Disturbing the peace! This person was not happy to receive an out of the blue text from their former partner 

That’s cold! This user claimed they’d drowned after their former flame text to ask if their house was ok after a flood 

Clear and effective! This person was very happy to ignore their former partner when they tried to call 

Honest mistake! This ex-boyfriend made the fatal error of getting the colour of his former partner’s eyes wrong 

Text you never! This person had no idea her ex was texting her after forgetting what she saved his number as on her phone 

Ouch! This person gave some false hope to their partner when they asked if they could get back together 

Goodbye, my friend! This cutting response saw someone justifying their break-up with a fitting Spice Girls analogy 

Sun of a beach! This person made it clear they didn’t want their ex-girlfriend anywhere near them 

Wake up! This person clearly rejected their former flame when they hinted about a reunion by branding it a ‘nightmare’

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