Pharmacist left emotional as boy, 10, pens sweet note thanking him for ‘doing an amazing job’

A 10 year old boy made a local pharmacist's day after leaving a sweet note thanking him for everything he's doing to help patients battle the deadly coronavirus currently sweeping the nation.

Alain Weir, 43, was closing up his Liverpool chemist, where he's been working round-the-clock at to provide patients with their essential prescriptions, when he was given the sweet note.

As he was leaving he found a youngster, Ethan, waiting for him with a tub of Pringles, boxes of Matchmaker chocolates, sweets and the touching note.

The piece of paper left Alain, who works 100 hours a week at the pharmacy, feeling emotional as the handwritten note said: "You've been hit!

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"Thank you for all you are doing for us during this crazy time. The world keeps going because of people like you."

It ended with: "Stay safe you are all doing an amazing job."

Alain's 36 year old partner, Linsey Rawlinson, said the gesture "made Alain's day" as he runs a pharmacy in Oswestry in Shropshire, travelling two hours from his home in Mossley Hill in south Liverpool to it.

The business is open from 7am to 11pm, running for 16 straight hours, leaving him a short eight hours of time to spend with his three children, his partner as well as to catch some sleep before the next shift.

The pressure has risen to such an extent that Alain, who's been a pharmacist for 18 years, is even considering moving into a temporary place closer to his work to ensure he doesn't potentially infect his own children, ages seven, six and nine months.

Linsey, who does her partner's pharmacy accounts and is now working from home, told the Liverpool Echo: "This was a really lovely thing for a boy of 10 to do, and it also takes children's minds off what's happening, which is important.

"Hopefully this kindness towards pharmacists is something that will get going in Liverpool. The boy said his name was Ethan, and he was with his mum when it happened.

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"Alain brought the chocolates, crisps and sweets into his pharmacy for his staff. My mum, sister and auntie also work in pharmacies in Prescot, and like Alain, they are all under pressure.

"They are the forgotten heroes of the NHS, in some ways.

"His chemist is getting bombarded and people are panicking over getting their medications. Today, he's been there since 4am."

Alain's girlfriend said Ethan's act of kindness had inspired their family as they have decided to carry on his "You've Been Hit" gesture to other pharmacists in Merseyside.

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Linsey also revealed that she may have to go in to work alongside Alain if his business suffers from staff shortages as a result of the virus.

She said: "Alain is worried. He's not saying a lot, as he doesn't want to panic us, he's just concerned about getting enough stock and keeping his customers safe.

"People can possibly go a week or two without the tons of toilet roll and the stocks of food, but some people can’t go one single day without their medication."

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