Simple cleaning hack to remove limescale uses just two household items

A woman has claimed a simple cleaning hack to remove grime from showerheads and taps has improved her skin.

Lilly Wright, from Indianapolis, US, said she suffered dry skin before trying out the cleaning hack.

Posting on TikTok, she explains: "Here are some of the cleaning tricks nobody tells you to do.

"You're gonna get a pot of water and boil it. Then you see this nasty nozzle from the sink, I don't have the proper tools that I can take them off this time

"So I'm just gonna use my kitchen one."

While the water is boiling, Lilly adds some vinegar into it and turns off the heat.

She then suggests pouring the mixture into a cup or a ceramic container before dipping the retractable tap into it.

"Now you're gonna start to see some nasty, floaty stuff going around the water," she adds.

"This is all stuck to your nozzle. Every time you wash your hands, brush your teeth, take a bath, all of this stuff is in the water.

"It's not gonna harm you, it's just limescale and calcium, but I noticed that when I started cleaning the nozzles, my skin looked a lot better."

Lilly suggests to leave it in the water for an hour before taking it out. The grime on the shower head appears to have completely peeled off.

She then drains the rest of the mixture over the stainless steel tap and down the drain.

One viewer said the minerals in the hard water can "strip skin and hair of natural oils" and removing the buildup on the taps can result in softer skin.

Another one reminded Lilly not to inhale the steam from the vinegar water as it can irritate the eyes and lungs.

A third added: "This made me go on a two-hour cleaning spree so thank you."

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