Taylor Swift Isn't Blonde Anymore

Taylor Swift's new era is full of surprises. On top of the cryptic countdown and Easter egg clues that left fans guessing leading up to the release of her single Me! on April 26, she's proven that the old Taylor really is dead by experimenting with pastel hair colors. 

Yes, Taylor isn't a blonde anymore. Well, not exactly. After debuting hot pink dip-dyed hair at the Billboard Music Awards, the singer is fulling embracing the unicorn hair vibes. 

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For her appearance on The Ellen Show on May 15, she switched up her hair color again. But, in true Taylor fashion, the change was so subtle, that it's easy to miss it. She wore her hair up in a loose low bun with a few wavy face-framing pieces left out. That's where the new hair color comes in: The ends of these pieces are dyed baby blue. 

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Except for the time she went platinum, Swift doesn't change her hair up all that often. Given all of the new hairstyles she's been trying before even announcing the name of album seven, this era is shaping up to be her best one yet — especially for her beauty looks. 

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