The Charlie’s Angels cast just reunited on Drew Barrymore’s new talk show, and it was beautiful

During the first episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore was joined by her Charlie’s Angels co-stars Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz – and their conversation was a beautiful reminder of the power of female friendship.

The world is obsessed with Drew Barrymore, and for good reason.

On top of being a talented actor and all-around good egg, she’s also not afraid to be honest about the struggles she’s faced and share the lessons she’s learnt with her fans; from the importance of knowing your value to navigating the pressures to be perfect on social media. And on top of all that, she’s just really bloody funny.

With all of this considered, it’s safe to say we were extremely excited to see Barrymore take on her latest venture – her very own daytime TV talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show. And if the first episode – which aired yesterday – is anything to go by, we’ve got plenty to look forward to. 

Alongside an appearance from her frequent co-star Adam Sandler and the debut of segments including ‘Designed by Drew’ and ‘Drew’s News,’ the first episode’s most powerful moment came with Barrymore’s on-screen reunion with her Charlie’s Angels co-stars, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.

Not only was it exciting to see these iconic actors reunited on our screens once more, but their conversation was an incredible reminder of the power of female friendship – both through the big and small moments.

“I couldn’t begin this journey without two women who have been part of my heart for over 20 years,” Barrymore said as she introduced her two guests. “We are friends, we are fellow angels – please welcome my partners in crime and life, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz.”

Alongside discussions about motherhood, their old movies and the revelation that Cameron Diaz was appearing in the studio via hologram (watch the video, it’ll blow your mind), the trio reflected on their 20-year-long friendship and what their bond means to them. 

“We’ve been through everything together,” Barrymore said. “The thing that I love about our friendship is that we have been there in all the big and important moments, we’ve also been there in the small moments, and the casual moments.

“And the reason we are such good friends is because it’s real, and we go through real stuff with each other. It’s not a Hollywood fairytale.”

Diaz replied: “We have Charlie’s Angels as our backdrop that brought us together but then we get to fill in all of life together in real moments, which I so appreciate.”

“It’s so true,” Liu added. “That’s so well said – [Charlie’s Angels] is our touchpoint, but then we have that foundation and we’ve obviously grown and learned and changed. I know that 20 years have gone by but I feel like it was yesterday. I feel just as fresh and as young and as creatively excited as I was when I started.” 

Reflecting on why she wanted to bring Diaz and Liu onto the show, Barrymore explained how the messages in Charlie’s Angels still resonate with her today.

“Here’s the thing with Charlie’s Angels,” she said. “It’s about girls who can do all of these things, and love each other, and don’t have competition, and support each other, and laugh, and want to talk about love and life so much that they actually start to talk about love and life while they’re fighting because women are so like that – it all intersects.”

Tearing up, Barrymore added: “And that is why I asked you guys here today, because if you’re going to do something big, you wanna do it with your girlfriends.”

Continuing to discuss how each of the women had played an important role in the others’ lives, the conversation shifted towards why Barrymore is such a great fit for a daytime TV show, with Liu and Diaz paying her compliments for all that she’s gone through over the years.

“I think [this show] is exactly what the world needs,” Diaz said. “They need your light, they need your joyousness, they need your perspective. One of the things that I have always been in total awe of in you is your ability to take in all the information – how quick you are – not just what’s in front of you but the nuances and the humanity and intellect.”

She continued: “It’s a gift – it’s truly a gift that you give the world, and you’re going to make the world a happier, better place by giving us that gift.”

Before Barrymore could interject, Liu added: “You have a big soul and a big heart, and doing this show is really special and wonderful because you have something to share and you’ve been through tough times in your life – you’ve had issues with your family, you’ve had issues with marriages, divorces – you have something to share.”

Trying to take the attention off of herself, Barrymore told Diaz and Liu that she’d invited them on her show so she could “honour” them – and their response was seriously powerful. 

“You can’t honour us without us honouring you,” Liu said. “This is a symbiotic relationship, and you have to be able to give and take and understand that, a lot of the time when I give a friend a compliment, they can’t take it. It’s time for us to receive.”

Besides the fact that Barrymore, Liu and Diaz’s relationship is incredibly heartwarming and wholesome, it’s amazing to see such a healthy, powerful female friendship thrive on screen.

At a time when women are often encouraged to see other women as their competition, the relationship between these three women is a reminder of how important it is to surround ourselves with people who lift us up and celebrate us as we are.

One thing’s for sure: we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Barrymore’s show over the next couple of months.

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