The Instagram-worthy home revamps ANYONE can do while in lockdown

How YOU can make your home more Instagram-worthy in lockdown: Interiors experts share ideas for easy projects – including upcycling your old headboard and creating a gallery wall

  • Interior designers and experts have shared projects you can try at home 
  • Include making a wood wall hanging and creating a focal point out of toys
  • None of the projects involve professional trades so are ideal for the lockdown 
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With the world in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are wondering how to make the most of their time at home. 

Here, three British designers and interiors experts spoke to FEMAIL about the home decor projects that anyone can try to make their place look more Instagram-worthy – no matter whether its a large family home or a flat share with friends. 

Suggestions from Katharine Pooley, founder of the eponymous design studio, include transforming your children’s toys into an interesting – and attention-grabbing ceiling feature. 

Meanwhile Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at, offers ideas for upcycling your old headboard, and Dani Taylor, director of buying at Cox & Cox, offers a how-to guide for your own gallery wall. 

Best of all, most of these projects should be achievable with what you have lying around the house – or with a handful of new purchases – and there are no tradesmen needed. So read on for some serious home style inspiration…  

Turn a wall into your personal gallery 

Personal collection: Takeover one wall – or part of a wall – and make it into your own gallery

Dani Taylor said: ‘Two tips in one! Framing is a great photography method to highlight a particular area of your room, as it can make an image more aesthetically pleasing and hold the viewer’s focus for longer. 

‘You can do this by using doorframes and windows in your photos, shooting through objects or using natural framing from shapes you can create with furniture.

‘The second part of this tip relates to actual, physical frames. One of the quickest and easier ways to make a part of your home look contemporary and stylish it to add a statement gallery wall to a room. 

‘Find photographs, postcards, artwork or even flyers that you find aesthetically pleasing and add them to a mix of frames. Then, determine a suitable space to create a visually pleasing and playful gallery wall. Forget about parallel placement and straight lines, use your creative side to play with shapes and create something truly unique.’

Clear away clutter 

Ready for its close-up: The key to Instagram-worthy interiors is a lack of clutter, according to Dani Taylor. Start by decluttering ‘visible surfaces’ like bookcases and open shelving

Dani Taylor said: ‘Whether it’s Mrs Hinch or Hollie Willoughby, one thing you’ll never see in a star’s house is clutter. 

Upcycle a headboard 

Rebecca Snowden said: ‘Upcycle an old headboard by painting it or covering it in fabric, and dry flowers to hang on the wall to create a relaxing, natural vibe in your bedroom.’ 

Good as new! Fabric covering or a fresh lick of paint will transform your old headboard

‘Although they may have a lovely line-up of books, records or figurines, everything will be in its proper place and nothing will look over-crowded.

‘Take the time to declutter the most visible places in your home over the next few weeks – the living room shelves, your kitchen countertops, your bookcase. 

Remember the golden rule – if you’ve not used it in the last six months, do you really need it? Minimalist is in, and your home will instantly look more elegant after a bit of a clear out.’

Katharine Pooley said: ‘A major focus of mine during this down time is clearing away clutter – there has never been a better time to Marie Kondo your home, so get clearing. This is also a fantastic way to clear your mind. 

‘Whether you’re working from home or looking after your children, or just want a fabulous spot to take photos, a clear space is good for a clear mental space. And of course no one wants to see your mess on Instagram.’ 

Create a statement feature from children’s toys 

Not child’s play! Make the children’s toys work for you my turning them into ceiling hangings (left) or wall fixtures (right) that are sure to delight your little ones 

Katharine Pooley said: ‘My personal favourite wall decorations are things I’ve collected on my travels – whether these are vintage travel posters, photos or decorative items – these accessories make for a great photo back drop as they add some intrigue.

‘I also love hanging toys from the ceiling and placing children’s toys to add life and colour in a photo.’

Put the outdoors on display 

Green with envy: Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to make your home look on-trend

Make your own wall hanging 

Rebecca Snowden said: ‘Stand out from the crowd on Instagram by creating unique DIY pieces such as a macramé inspired wall hanging. 

‘Making something yourself is not only a cheaper way of decorating but it also ensures your feed is one of a kind and inspirational.’

Get crafty! A DIY wall hanging is a nice addition to any room of the house 

Rebecca Snowden said: ‘The biggest trend of 2020 is thinking of the environment, so make your home more Instagram friendly by going green; choose eco paints, upcycle and bring the outdoors in.

‘Starting an indoor garden in the kitchen is a sustainable solution for urban living. Being self-sufficient is an important part of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Learn to grow your own herbs, fruits or vegetables at home which can later be used for cooking. 

‘Or if you’re interested in building a green display, a staghorn fern mounting wall appeals to those who favour a raw and natural aesthetic with its warm wood tones.’

Dani Taylor added: ‘There’s one thing all popular interior Instagram interior shots have at the moment – an abundance of green. Biophilic design is officially ‘in’, and plants are a great way to make a room look opulent.

‘But best of all, if you’re not naturally green-fingered then go faux. You also don’t actually have to have 10 – 12 plants in each room, instead a great tip is to put all your faux plants into one Instagram shot to add instant lush green ‘life’ for your perfect shot.’ 

Use a lamp as a spotlight 

Take centre stage! Consider moving around your lamps so that they shine on key focal points

Dani Taylor said: ‘When taking interior pictures, get to know what light enters the room each day. 

Paint a statement wall 

Katharine Pooley said: ‘Another one of my tips is painting a statement wall is a great way to completely change the look of a room; as well as creating a lovely backdrop for photos. A timeless dark blue or green is an excellent choice.’ 

‘The colour of light can change throughout the day, with a warmer look at sunrise and sunset, and a cooler one towards midday. 

‘This can help create different looks for your photos, depending on the type of image you’d like to portray.

‘Strategically placed lamps can also be a great way to make your room look more stylish. 

‘Use a lamp to add a spotlight to a statement piece of furniture you want to highlight, or even backlight an area of your room to give it a homely glow. Move your lamps around to see what works for you, in your home.’   

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