The Lyrics About Hailey Baldwin On Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’ Tell The Ultimate Love Story

Justin Bieber’s gone through plenty of major life events and changes since the release of his 2015 album Purpose — one most notably being his marriage to Hailey Baldwin. No doubt, marriage has had a very positive effect on Bieber. He doesn’t let a second pass without reminding his fans and friends just how much his wife means to him. So, as you might expect, there are a ton of lyrics about Hailey Baldwin on Justin Bieber’s Changes album, and they are everything.

Bieber is totally smitten with his wife and wrote Changes to reflect that. In the fourth episode of Bieber’s docuseries Seasons, Bieber admitted he still gets butterflies when she’s around.

"Sometimes I still get nervous with her in the room for some reason. It’s weird, I know," Bieber said, before revealing the album is about her. "I don’t know, she just makes me nervous because I love her so much and I want her to like my stuff. [My album is] about her, too, so, I’m singing about her — it’s a weird thing. But it’s awesome."

The first single fans got to hear about Baldwin was the upbeat track "Yummy," released Jan. 2, and now that the full album is here, Belibers can learn more about Bieber and Baldwin’s love story thanks to all the tunes.


Of course not all of Bieber’s love songs about Baldwin were going to be PG-13 romantic. Bieber’s sexy lyrics on "Yummy" are all about his relationship with Baldwin behind closed doors. He sings:


Bieber did not play coy about his dedication to his relationship with Baldwin on "Intentions." He also praised Baldwin for being a boss woman, singing:


Just as the title of the song sounds, this tune is all about Bieber and Baldwin spending eternity together and how she continues to amaze him on a daily basis.


Bieber has recently been open and honest about his experience with stress and anxiety and how he’s working through it with the help of Baldwin. Reflecting on how he wants to be the best version of himself for Baldwin, he sings:

"All Around Me"

Straight to the point in "All Around Me," Bieber gushes over how his life is so much better with Baldwin in it.

On the same track, Bieber opened up about how his outlook on relationships changed after meeting Baldwin.


Bieber pours his heart out on "Habitual," singing:

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