These Tweets About Cardi B & Offset’s Breakup Are All Over The Emotional Spectrum

Music fans are reeling from the news that Cardi B and Offset have ended their relationship. The "I Like It" rapper made the announcement on Instagram in the wee hours of Tuesday, Dec. 4, saying that she still has "a lot of love" for the Migos member but they’re "not together anymore." For many of their followers, it feels like the split came out of nowhere. Now, the tweets about Cardi B and Offset’s breakup are all over the emotional spectrum while fans grapple with the news.

To be clear, Cardi B’s incredibly calm in her video. She keeps it together the whole time as she carefully and thoughtfully explains she and Offset must have "grown out of love." There is nothing spiteful or mean-spirited about her announcement. Instead, she’s clearly doing her best to be direct and honest about where she and Offset stand. Cardi B opens up the video by explaining, "So, everybody’s been bugging me and everything, and you know, I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now."

She continues,

Cardi stressed there’s no bad blood between her and daughter Kulture’s father, but that they are in the beginning phases of an official divorce.

"I guess we grew out of love," she said. "But, we’re not together anymore. I don’t know, it might take time to get a divorce. And I’m always gonna have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter’s father. And yeah."

Cardi B posted the video on her Instagram account with the caption, "There u go..peace and love."

Of course, Twitter is a little more emotionally volatile. Some fans’ posts read like streams of conscious and they all certainly run the feelings-gamut. A few followers are super distraught and others claim they saw this coming. Naturally, some folks suspect it could be a publicity stunt designed to drum up interest before Offset releases his next album, too.

Ah, Hollywood.

Cardi B’s Instagram post received nearly 6 million likes in just eight hours, and commenters were going wild there, too. Mainly, they posted a lot of shocked emoji faces.

Meanwhile, fans are raising their eyebrows at Offset’s response to Cardi B’s video. He also commented directly on her Instagram post, writing, "Ya’ll won." Whatever that means.

Many people think the divorce is a result of the lingering aftermath of Offset’s cheating rumors back in January 2018. While neither Offset nor Cardi B ever officially confirmed it to be true, Cardi B definitely implied that her husband was not always faithful in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

For now, fans are standing by for more information and sending their main girl Cardi so much love.

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