This Meme Of Hannah B.’s Face Was *Every* ‘Bachelorette’ Fan Watching The Luke Drama

The drama between contestants is getting real on The Bachelorette, and the leading lady herself has had enough. On Tuesday night’s episode, Hannah B.’s face during her conversation with Luke S. and Luke P. not only showed that she was so done with the situation, but also represented how exasperated every Bachelorette fan was at home. as we’ve watched this fight unfold.

Although Luke P. has never been a favorite of his fellow contestants (or Bachelorette fans), he’s definitely been a favorite of Hannah’s, but now, it sounds like he might finally be falling out of favor with her — and after last week’s episode, it’s easy to see why. He and Luke S. got into a physical altercation during a rugby group date, and then continued to bicker about it for the rest of the episode. When Hannah tried to get the story out of them separately, it didn’t work, so she tried talking to both of them together.

And this is where her totally relatable expression comes in. Getting Luke S. and Luke P. in the same room with her was basically a disaster, because they just continued their arguing like she wasn’t even there. It was clear very quickly that Hannah was over the BS, and fans hit Twitter to share that they felt the same way.

To truly grasp exactly how perfect Hannah’s face was, a GIF is necessary:

A lot of people really identified with this expression, because it’s how a lot of women feel when they’re forced to deal with men like Luke S. and Luke P.

And others were just really, really feeling Hannah’s mood, because haven’t we all been there?

This comparison to Stanley Hudson from The Office is actually incredibly accurate, because he wouldn’t stand for any of this, either.

And this tweet thanked the camera person who focused on Hannah’s face, because it was a gift to us all.

Ultimately, Luke S. decided to send himself home after their conversation, which is probably for the best. But Hannah did end up giving Luke P. a rose at the rose ceremony, so he’ll be sticking around for at least another week. It doesn’t make sense to many fans watching at home, but she explained her choice like this:

Hopefully, Hannah will be able to figure out ASAP that Luke P. isn’t the one for her, because the petty drama is a lot. She deserves an awesome guy whose focus is on her instead of tearing the other men down, and she has plenty of great choices there waiting for her.

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