TikTok marketing is a must in 2020. Get up to speed with this $29 course.

With billions of active users across platforms, social media has become a key cornerstone to digital marketing. If you want your campaigns to go viral or are looking to increase the visibility of your brand or company profiles, you need to meet your audience where they are. And in 2020, that is TikTok.

TikTok has had a pretty meteoric rise to popularity, amassing a staggering monthly active user base of half a billion, and nabbing over 2 billion downloads globally (that’s roughly a fourth of the world population). So in the social media marketing world, it’s a pretty big deal.

Even so, for many seasoned digital marketers out there, it’s still a relatively new and unexplored platform. It’s why influencers, marketers, and social media managers stand to benefit from the training in The Complete TikTok Marketing Masterclass Bundle (now on sale for $29.99).

This bootcamp is jam-packed with over 300 lessons that help you get the most out of the platform. This includes growth hacking your way to increased visibility, understanding how to optimize and launch advertisements, editing directly through the TikTok interface, knowing tools of the trade to help grow your subscriber base, and using the TikTok algorithm to your advantage.

For brands, the bundle provides the training needed to launch successful campaigns (both paid and organic). For influencers or everyday users, it helps you understand the recipe for going viral on the platform. And for every digital student, it provides a firm understand now only how to create engaging video content, but also how to promote it like a pro.

While normally, all five courses in the Complete TikTok Marketing Masterclass Bundle would cost you $1,000 piecemeal, for a limited time, digital students can enroll in all of the courses for only $29.99. Just make sure you download the app before the potential November ban.

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