Why Melania Trump’s Showing PDA & Holding Hands Again W/ Donald After Often Brushing Him Off

First Lady Melania Trump has been much more affectionate with Donald Trump than usual this month, & HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY learned why.

We could hardly believe it when Donald Trump, 72, and Melania Trump, 48, sweetly held hands on a number of occasions throughout the month of November, and now, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned what spurred their newfound affection. “Melania is always in a way better frame of mind when it’s the Holidays, and she automatically feels more loving and warm towards Donald, as she does the rest of her family too at this time of the year,” a source close to the First Lady shared. “Melania is a huge fan of the Holidays, especially Christmas, and ever since she was a little girl it has always been an important and big deal for her, and that’s only intensified since becoming First Lady,” the source added.

While the holidays are bringing Melania and Donald closer than usual, the source also revealed that despite what people think, they are the ultimate team year-round. “It’s not just becoming filled with the Christmas spirit that’s spurring Melania on to being more affectionate towards Donald these past few weeks—they’ve always had this ‘us against the world’ mentality, and whenever Melania feels Donald is most under fire and attack is when she rallies and really comes through for him,” the source continued. “Contrary to what many people seem to think, Melania and Donald’s marriage is actually genuinely built on love, and when the chips are down, and Donald’s back is against the wall, Melania is at her most loyal and fierce.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Melania’s rep for comment.

We saw Trump and Melania hold hands when they returned to the U.S. from Paris back on Nov. 12. Then again, on Nov. 19, the couple gave a rare PDA display, as the 2018 White House Christmas tree arrived to their home. On that day, Melania greeted the tree with a smile on her face, while tightly intertwining her fingers with the president’s. Aww! Only time will tell whether these PDA displays keep up, but it’s nice to see the pair sharing some seemingly less awkward moments than usual.

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