Young Brothers Save Their Grandma's Life Months After Learning CPR from Their Mom

Two brothers from Canada are being hailed as heroes after they jumped into action to save their grandmother’s life, using the skills their mom taught them just months earlier.

Grayson and Kian Wu, 7 and 9, were at their grandmother’s home watching a movie on November 10 when they noticed she wasn’t answering them when they called out for a snack.

“She looked really dead,” Grayson told the CBC of turning around to find his grandma unresponsive on the couch. “Spit was going back into her mouth. She was grunting a little.”

Though the boys didn’t know it at the time, their grandmother, 62-year-old Patti Chatterson, had suffered a massive heart attack and had gone into cardiac arrest.

“It was so scary,” Grayson said. “I didn’t want to let our grandma die.”

Amazingly, the boys were perfectly prepared for such a critical moment.

It was just five months earlier in June that the boys’ mother, Lee Chatterson Wu, taught them how to administer CPR when they took up interest in it while watching a movie with friends.

“There was a little boy there whose parents are medical professionals and they’ve taught their kids things like this,” Chatterson Wu, a nurse, told the CBC. “The kids were all downstairs watching a movie and I heard this little boy yell out, ‘It’s cardiac arrest, start CPR.’  So I made a big deal about it, I said, ‘You’re very smart and good job.’ “

Grayson and Kian took notice of their mother’s praise and soon asked her to show them how to do it.

“I honestly didn’t think they’d ever need it,” she told the outlet.

As their grandmother laid unconscious in her home on that Saturday night, Kian remembered what his mother taught him, and started performing chest compressions as they phoned 911.

“We just acted,” Kian said.

Grayson closed his grandma’s nose and administered breaths, while Kian continued to give chest compressions so strongly that they cracked her ribs.

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“My older grandson just felt terrible,” Chatterson told Inside Edition. “He was so, so worried because when he was doing the compressions, he heard my sternum crack.”

Paramedics arrived just minutes later, and Chatterson would wake up at the hospital — the same one she works at as a nurse — a few days later. She is now home and making a full recovery, despite experiencing some memory loss.

The boys “kept their cool so incredibly well,” Chatterson told Inside Edition, and she now has her grandsons to thank for saving her life — and the boys wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You know what, Grandma,” Chatterson recalls Grayson telling her, “I’m not done spending time with you.”

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