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THE boxing world is still digesting a classy victory from Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia.

But the Brit faces a dilemma with both WBO and IBF mandatory challengers – Kubrat Pulev and Oleksandr Usyk – want to fight AJ next.

And thoughts are with legend Leon Spinks, who is fighting for his life in hospital.

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  • ANTHONY JOSHUA was back in the gym a day after his win over Andy Ruiz Jr, enjoying a swim and vowing to get back to training in Sheffield and Finchley ABC.

    While the Mexican-American all-too-briefly have short and tubby underdogs a hope of hitting dizzying heights, Josh is the perfect example of how hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

    It’s a message the champ, who turned his life around from teenage criminal to Olympic champion in just a few years, wants to spread now he is back on his throne.

    He told BBC Radio 2: There's two types to kids, there's kids on the streets and there's kids that need a direction in life, let's say kids at home playing computer games.

    “For the kids on the streets it's good, they want to be creative, get out and climb trees, ride motorbikes and have fun.

    “But, I'll just say, ‘know that you're a representation of your family’, so when you're out on your own, roaming the streets and stuff, don't forget that you're going home to your family, your mother, your father, or auntie or uncle. You've got people who care for you.

    “Don't forget before you make any crazy decisions, they say 'the devil makes work for idle thumbs' and you can get caught up in stuff. Just try and think before you act, don't act on impulse.

    “For the kids at home looking for direction and stuff, use apps and YouTube. And just type in motivational videos for kids who need a bit of motivation.

    “The world needs more strong people and leaders and stuff. Don't just be dull and on your computer all day.”

  • ANTONY JOSHUA didn't want photo with all three belts after his win over Andy Ruiz Jr as he fears he'll have to give one up.

    He told BBC Radio 2: “I just feel like I've got to do it again in three to four months.

    “If I enjoy this too much, I feel like the belts are going to be in the air again and I've got to defend them, so I don't want to get too carried away and get too far ahead.

    “After the fight my I was told I had to get a photo taken with all of the belts – and they are heavy.

    “I said I wanted to take on just by myself but my team insisted as it’s a photo that goes all around the world. Next minute 'ping', the belts appear.”

  • ANDY RUIZ JR has vowed to return and become a champion once again to 'prove haters wrong' after his loss to Anthony Joshua.

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    I’ve had time to reflect since my fight on Saturday. Congrats to Anthony. He did what he needed to do. Now, it’s time for me to do what I need to do. . I’ll be back stronger. I WILL be a champion once again. I appreciate all the love and support from my true fans. I appreciate the haters as well and can’t wait to prove the haters wrong once again. Back to the gym. Let’s start this journey to the belts ??? ?

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  • ANTHONY JOSHUA has hit back after criticism of a photograph showed him posing with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

    A spokesperson for AJ told the Star: “Anthony is an athlete and not a politician.

    “The Crown Prince is a head of state and has been photographed with everyone from Boris Johnson, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates to Barak Obama and The Rock.

    “Anthony has been shown a pathway to take the sport in a direction where it can influence great change in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hopes his presence there will continue to shine a positive light and create further conversation around the region.

    “He in no way condones any abuse on human rights anywhere in the world.

    “The Crown Prince was so thrilled with the boxing match he invited Anthony to the palace and they had a picture to remember the historical moment in boxing history.”

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