Deontay Wilder slams Floyd Mayweather for backing Tyson Fury and puts Money Man in his place

Saturday night's bout was scored as a draw and the five-weight boxing champion reportedly walked out of the Staples Center "disgusted" by the outcome.

At the end of the fifth round, Mayweather had Fury five rounds up and reckoned the Gypsy King had done enough to claim the WBC heavyweight belt.

But Wilder hit back at his fellow American star, suggesting the Money Man could not enjoy the fight because the 41-year-old was not the centre of attention.

The Bronze Bomber said: "I’m a heavyweight and the fight, Saturday, was a great start to bring the heavyweight division back.

"Oh they loved it. They loved every bit of it. The world loved it. And I don’t think he [Mayweather] liked that.

"He wanted all the attention on him. It’s sad that it’s like that but the heavyweight division is where it’s at.

"He always wants the attention. But no more of that. I’m going to continue to do what I’ve got to do."

Wilder was asked if he thinks it will be long before he starts collecting nine-figure sums when he enters the ring like Mayweather did for the Conor McGregor fight last year.

He added: "Oh most definitely. I’m a heavyweight.

"People know we’re big guys, they know they want to see heavy hitters. And when you get a fight like that, that’s what they want to see, the excitement back.

"I’m the new Deontay Wilder of boxing. I don’t want to be Floyd. I’m coming and there’s a lot of fighters jealous of me for no reason."

As well as attacking Mayweather, Wilder had a pop at heavyweight rival Anthony Joshua for fighting "second-tier" opponents.

And he took to Instagram in an attempt to try and prove Fury did not beat the ten-second count in the twelfth round in Los Angeles.

Fury heroically got up from a brutal knockdown to keep himself in the fight for the final stages.


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