England icon Glenn Hoddle tells all over life being saved and doctor health warnings – but won't give up custard creams

GLENN HODDLE has revealed he's been forced to change his diet after his 2018 heart attack – but has refused to give up his custard creams.

The England icon, 62, diced with death when his heart stopped while in the BT Sports studio.

Hoddle required a triple heart bypass operation to save his life and has now been warned by doctors to stay fit and healthy.

But he won't give up his love of his favourite biscuit.

The former Three Lions player and boss revealed all on his own Hodcast, the Glenn Hoddle Footy show.


Opening up on his health scare in October 2018, Hoddle said: “I feel really great.

"It all happened on my birthday in October and it was a massive shock to the family and myself.

"It has been a really tough year of rehab, and I still feel the fatigue.

“But I am really lucky to be alive, it's as simple as that.

"If [BT Sport sound supervisor] Simon Daniels hadn’t been there on the day to save me, I wouldn’t be sitting here now.

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“Health-wise now I am beginning to get back to normal and enjoying life again.

"I’ve got grandchildren and I really enjoy watching them growing up when I might not have been able to do that."

On his diet – and love of custard creams – Hoddle confessed: “My diet has changed a little on the advice of the doctors.

“But the truth is that I love biscuits. It's impossible to have tea or coffee without a biscuit, and I have to have two or three. 

“It’s terrible. I could lost a stone if I stopped.

“Custard creams remind me of my childhood, I love them.

"After I’ve had three custard creams I throw the rest of the tea or coffee away.”

*Glenn Hoddle's Footy podcast, The Hodcast, is available on iTunes and Spotify.

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