Gfinity’s Martin Wyatt responds to Prince Harry’s Gaming ban

Martin Wyatt, Global Head of Partnerships at Gfinity, has responded to Prince Harry’s call on a Fortnite ban by inviting him to a Call of Duty tournament.

Last month, Prince Harry spoke out against online game Fortnite saying that the game “shouldn’t be allowed”.

Martin, who’s a part of one of UK’s most successful esports tournament organisers, wants Prince Harry to become more informed with the industry by attending one of his tournaments.

He said: “I think everyone is entitled to their opinion. As a gaming community, we’d just prefer if those opinions were based on real-life experience and to be a bit more informed.

“I’d challenge absolutely anybody to come to a tournament, Prince Harry included, and when that crowd goes mad, to not get goosebumps then there’ll be a different connection.”


Relive the experience of #CWLLondon one more time.#TheAscent: London


Gfinity hosted the latest Call of Duty major – CWL London where thousands of fans turned up to watch 16 teams battle it out for a share of $325,000.

Large Call of Duty Majors have traditionally been scarce in the UK but Martin believes the demand is there for more tournaments.

He said: “Call of Duty from a UK perspective has been a bit of a sleeping giant. It’s a massive game, it sells really well and has a huge player base. The tournaments have existed in the UK for a long time but there have only been a few major moments where thousands of people have congregated together.

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