Mom of suspect in David Ortiz attack says he’s a fan of the Red Sox icon

The man in custody for the shooting of David Ortiz couldn’t have been involved in the attack — because he’s a fan of the baseball legend, the suspect’s mom said Tuesday.

“My son is a calm, hardworking boy,’’ Justina Garcia told local media in the Dominican Republic, where Ortiz was badly wounded Sunday, allegedly with the help of her 25-year-old son, Eddy Feliz Garcia.

Garcia is accused of driving a motorcycle, with another man on the back, up to an outside bar where “Big Papi’’ was sitting. One of the men then allegedly gunned down the former Red Sox star.

But Justina said her son “also is a fan of [Ortiz] — how was he going to hurt him if he’s a fan?”

She said she believes her son was simply hired by the attacker to drive him on his cycle.

“They put him in the middle,’’ she said of her son and the people behind the attack on Ortiz.

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