NBA Trade Talk: Anthony Davis Is Happy In New Orleans And Has Not Asked For A Trade Anywhere

Despite what the rumors say, Anthony Davis wants to win a championship in the “Big Easy.”

There have been so many rumors surrounding Anthony Davis in the last few months, and the 2018 NBA season isn’t even near being halfway over. Almost everyone thinks that he’s halfway out the door of the New Orleans Pelicans’ organization and ready to accept a trade, but is he really? Contrary to what the speculation may say, Davis is reportedly happy with the team that drafted him and hasn’t even discussed going elsewhere.

Almost every time the Pelicans lose a game or the Los Angeles Lakers are mentioned, someone says that Anthony Davis is heading out west. If those rumors aren’t floating around, there is talk that the Boston Celtics have the assets needed to make a trade happen.

If that isn’t the case, the experts are saying that once Davis’ contract with New Orleans is up and he’s a free agent in the summer of 2020, he’s leaving the city. Virtually everyone thinks that his time in NOLA is running out and that he will be with another team before too long.

Well, all of the rumors and speculation may end up being completely wrong.

According to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, not only is Anthony Davis happy in New Orleans, but he’s never expressed interest in going anywhere else. He’s determined to win a championship with the Pelicans and the relationship between the MVP candidate and the team is on solid ground.

Kyler states that the Pelicans are exploring trade options and free agent signings, but none of them have anything to do with Davis. While they do take his opinion into consideration and want to build a better team around him, none of the trade talk has anything to do with moving him.

According to Kyler, Davis “hasn’t even hinted at being unhappy with his situation” in New Orleans. Davis expects the Pelicans to make the necessary moves to build a better team and get them to the playoffs, but he has definitely not asked to be traded.

Through 21 games, AD is averaging 28 points-per-game, 13 rebounds-per-game, 13 rebounds-per-game, 4.8 assists-per-game, 1.6 steals-per-game, and 2.7 blocks-per-game. His numbers in assists, steals, and blocks are all career highs for the big man.

It’s really hard to believe that anyone could come up with a big enough trade package to get New Orleans to want to trade him away. Inquisitr even reported that a three-team deal involving the Lakers and Orlando Magic was a high possibility, but not if Davis is happy where he is.

Anthony Davis’ apparent dream scenario is to win an NBA Championship with the New Orleans Pelicans since they are the team that drafted him. Yes, he still wants a reason to stay there and a supermax contract would help, but he needs players around him that can help him get a ring. Things have started to fall into place with Nikola Mirotic, Julius Randle, and Elfrid Payton coming in, but more needs to be done to win a title.

One good thing, though, is that the Pelicans don’t have to worry about Anthony Davis wanting out.

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