Olympics: LA 2028 emblem showcases city's diversity

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Organisers of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and Paralympics unveiled an emblem for the events blending portions of a traditional logo with an interchanging element to emphasise the city’s diversity.

The “LA28” emblem has a static L over the numbers 2 and 8 above the Olympic rings, allowing for an interchanging A with multiple styles as a symbol of the diverse stories to be found in Los Angeles, which also has hosted the 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics.

“LA defies a singular identity. There is not one way to represent Los Angeles,” LA28 Chairperson Casey Wasserman said in a statement. “Every neighbourhood, every block, every person has their own unique identity and story of LA.

“The LA28 Games will showcase our community’s collective creativity and celebrate the diversity that makes us strong.”

The emblem was designed for the digital age, allowing for it to evolve over time with multiple “A” artistic designs, including 20 designed specially for the launch on the organisation’s website.

Six-time Olympic gold medallist Allyson Felix, who is from Los Angeles, shaped her “A” with a nod to movement and her favourite teams – the NBA Los Angeles Lakers, baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers and the University of Southern California.

“The culture of sports and excellence is something I grew up with in LA,” Felix said.

The idea is to stress creativity, diversity, inclusion as well as self expression, said four-time Olympic swim champion Janet Evans.

“Los Angeles defies a singular identity,” said Evans, LA28’s chief athlete officer. “LA is what it is because of the people and the LA28 Games should represent that. The best way to capture the energy of Los Angeles and the Games is through a collection of voices. Los Angeles is an infinite canvas.”

Wasserman said the LA Games will be a platform for diversity and dreams for the future beyond the world of sport.

“There has never been a more important time to give rise to athlete voices,” he said. “Sports are a special part of our global culture, connecting people and fans across communities and around the world.”

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