WWE chief Stephanie McMahon sells 43 per cent of her stock in her father Vince McMahon's company, worth around £1.73m

STEPHANIE MCMAHON has sold 43 per cent of her WWE stock.

The Billionaire Princess, now called Stephanie McMahon-Levesque following her marriage to Triple H, is the daughter of the company’s legendary CEO Vince McMahon.

She has performed the role of Chief Brand Officer and still appears on-screen as part of her authority character.

However, the 43-year-old has now decided to cash-in on some of her stock for £1.73million.

According to SEC filings made on Monday, Stephanie sold 57,573 shares of “Class A” WWE stock at $39.18 a share for a total of $2,255,710.14.

She still owns 76,234 “Class A” shares, with WWE’s latest proxy statement stating she has 1,977,382 in total.

The official filing of the sale included a note that stated: “The price reported in Column 4 is a weighted average price received for the shares.

“The actual prices were in a range of $39.00 to $39.46. Mrs. Levesque will provide, upon request by the SEC staff, WWE or a shareholder of WWE, complete information regarding the number of shares sold at each price within the range. 

“Mrs Levesque may also be deemed to be the indirect beneficial owner of shares of WWE common stock that are directly owned by her husband, Paul Levesque. Mrs. Levesque disclaims beneficial ownership of those shares.”

It comes just a month after Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque sold a similar number of shares.

That left the star, who is Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy and Development for WWE, with just over 80,000 ‘Class A’ shares remaining in the company.

Stephanie and Triple H wed in October, 2003 and have three daughters together named Aurora Rose (born 2006), Murphy Claire (born 2008), and Vaughn Evelyn (born 2010).

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