Antiques Roadshow guest reeling as rare pistol, named 'most important gun ever made', valued at whopping £150k

AN Antiques Roadshow guest was left stunned after being told the pistol he bought for £150 was worth over £150,000.

The guest had bought the early Colt revolver in the 1970s for £150 but took it to The Black Country Living Museum in Dudley in 2017 for valuation.

Expert Bill Harriman then spoke of the importance of the gun, before shocking onlookers by revealing it was "the most important firearm ever made in the development and this history of firearms."

"This was the first firearm that used tiny percussion caps to produce a repeated effect and this pistol was made by Sam Colt in Paterson, New Jersey, and his patent was 1836," shared Bill.

"Production started probably around 1837 and looking at this, I think this is early in the series, I would say this was made in the first months of 1837.

"I've always found this one of the most iconic firearms ever made."

Bill went on to say: "I think this was the death knell of the Native Americans because they could not deal with troops sent against them who had so much fire power."

"I thought long and hard what it may be worth and I have to say I haven't seen very many of these, I think in my career I've sold one," concluded Bill.

"To get it properly valued first you need to establish that it's the right one, and if, as I think it is, and I have no reason to doubt it's not a right one, if it is, then I think it;s got to be £150,000."

But when asked what he might do next after the valuation, the guest had a big smile on his face and joked: "I am open to offers."

The BBC show sees the public bring their items to experts who then examine and value antiques and collectables.

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