Australian Federal Police channels Love Actually in new Christmas video

Whether you've got Love Actually on loop every December or you think it belongs at the bottom of the Netflix pile, spare 90 seconds for the Australian Federal Police's take on the holiday flick.

The Australian Federal Police has released a Christmas video in the style of the cue card scene from Love Actually.Credit:Facebook

While the comments section of the video is brimming with praise and Christmas wishes for police officers and their families, there have been some citizens' arrests. For littering.

Did you see how he was flinging those cards? Pop a fine in his Santa stocking.

The page eventually responded by releasing "exclusive behind-the-scenes footage" – in cinematic slow-motion – of a police officer trashing the cards into the appropriate recycling bin. A true Christmas miracle.

The Australian Federal Police responded to comments about littering with some behind-the-scenes footage. Credit:Facebook

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