‘B&B’ Recap For Thursday, December 6: Brooke Urges Bill To Protect Kelly From Taylor

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Thursday, December 6, features Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) talking about how he has changed since the shooting. Justin remarked that Bill was going soft. Bill said that he was trying to be better for his family, per Soaps, while Justin noted that he was also making the changes for Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang). Justin couldn’t understand why Brooke was with Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye).

Taylor’s Secret Is Safe With Brooke – For Now

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) was very emotional as she pleaded with Brooke not to go to the authorities. She said that she would never snap like that again, but Brooke wasn’t sure that she could trust Taylor’s word. Brooke said that she was concerned about Taylor being alone with Kelly (Zoe Pennington). Noting the fact that Taylor was stunned by the idea, Brooke said that she wouldn’t call the cops on her. However, Brooke said that she would keep a close eye on Taylor.

Brooke Logan Urged Bill Spencer To Protect Kelly From Taylor

Brooke entered Bill’s office at Spencer Publications. Bold and the Beautiful fans know that she had just confronted Taylor about shooting Bill. Before telling him that she knows that Taylor shot him, Brooke first told Bill that she believes that he was becoming a better person.

Bill and Brooke discussed Taylor and that they could not fathom how Taylor was capable of such a hideous crime. Bill said that he could not have called the cops on Taylor because it would have devastated Steffy. He really was trying to change and be a better person – a man who is worthy of her.

Brooke said that she also won’t tell the police who his shooter was, but still had one remaining concern. She felt that Taylor should not be around Kelly. Bill told her that although Liam has the same fear, Taylor was not a danger to Kelly. Brooke nevertheless encouraged Bill to protect his granddaughter.

Steffy Told Ridge That Taylor Was The Shooter

Steffy asked Ridge to sit down before revealing that Taylor shot Bill. Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Ridge was shocked that Taylor went that far.

Later Steffy and Ridge arrived at the cliff house. Taylor realized that Ridge also now knew the truth and soon they were talking about the situation. Taylor apologized tearfully. Both she and Ridge agreed that Bill had violated Steffy, even though Steffy tried to rectify their opinions. Ridge insisted that Bill is despicable and that Taylor was trying to defend Steffy from him.

Taylor said that if it had not been for Bill, she would be in jail right now. She then related to her daughter and ex-husband that she had seen Brooke. Although Brooke had been harsh, Taylor told them that she would not go to the authorities. She also said that Brooke felt that she should not be around Kelly. Steffy felt that Brooke was being ridiculous. Ridge said that nothing would separate Taylor from Steffy or Kelly.

Pam Distracts Quinn While Eric Gets Handsy With Donna

In the Forrester design room, Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) was modeling Eric’s gown for him. He touched Donna’s arm and waist before declaring that it was a good idea to use Donna as the replacement model. He opined that she was a natural.

Outside the room, Pam Douglas (Alley Mills) tried to distract Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer) to prevent her from entering the design office. After a while, Quinn clued in to Pam’s stalling tactics and told her to get out of her way.

Quinn entered the design office and saw Eric and Donna talking about the past. Quinn wanted to know what was happening, and Eric explained that Donna was modeling his gown. He said that they were lucky that Donna had agreed.

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