Can 'Bad Boys For Life' Succeed for Sony Where 'MIB: International' Failed?

Universal also sends “Dolittle” to box office alongside “1917” in its second weekend of wide release

  • 1939: Fay Bainter 

    In 1938, Fay Bainter became the first performer to earn Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominations in the same year for “White Banners” and “Jezebel.” She won for the latter, and was beaten in the lead category by her “Jezebel” co-star Bette Davis.

  • 1942: Teresa Wright 

    History repeats itself: Wright wins in the supporting category for “Mrs. Miniver.” But while her work as Mrs. Lou Gehrig in “Pride of the Yankees” was recognized, she lost to her “Mrs. Miniver” co-star Greer Garson for Best Actress.

  • 1945: Barry Fitzgerald 

    Bizarrely, Fitzgerald was nominated for both Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for “Going My Way.” He won in the latter category, while co-star Bing Crosby took home the top prize.

  • 1983: Jessica Lange 

    Once again, Jessica Lange won in the supporting category, for “Tootsie,” but lost her Best Actress bid for “Frances” to Meryl Streep for “Sophie’s Choice.”

  • 1989: Sigourney Weaver 

    For the first time, douple-dipping came up blank. Sigourney Weaver landed a Best Actress nomination playing Dian Fossey in “Gorillas in the Mist” (but lost to Jodie Foster in “The Accused”) and a Supporting Actress nod for the boss in “Working Girl” (but lost to Geena Davis in “The Accidental Tourist”).

  • 1993: Al Pacino 

    Pacino won his first Oscar for his lead role in “Scent of a Woman,” but he also snagged a supporting nomination for “Glengarry Glen Ross” (where he lost to Gene Hackman for “Unforgiven”).

  • 1994: Holly Hunter 

    Holly Hunter was one of two actresses to double up in 1994, winning Best Actress for “The Piano” — while her supporting nomination for “The Firm” was overshadowed by her “Piano” co-star Anna Paquin.

  • 1994: Emma Thompson 

    The British actress was recognized for both “The Remains of the Day” and “In the Name of the Father” — but lost to the duo from “The Piano.”

  • 2003: Julianne Moore 

    Julianne Moore managed a two-fer for Todd Haynes’ period drama “Far From Heaven” (losing to Nicole Kidman for “The Hours”) and for her supporting turn in “The Hours” (losing to Catherine Zeta-Jones in “Chicago”).

  • 2004: Jamie Foxx 

    The comedic actor won Best Actor for the Ray Charles biopic “Ray,” and also managed a supporting nomination for “Collateral” — though Morgan Freeman took home the trophy for “Million Dollar Baby.”

  • 2008: Cate Blanchett 

    The Australian actress went home empty-handed despite a Best Actress nomination for “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” (Marion Cotillard won for “La Vie en Rose”) and a Supporting Actress nod for her version of Bob Dylan in “I’m Not There” (Tilda Swinton won for “Michael Clayton”).

  • 2020: Scarlett Johansson 

    The latest to pull off a double nomination is Johansson, recognized for her lead role in Noah Baumbach’s “Marriage Story” as well as her supporting turn as a WWII-era German mother in “Jojo Rabbit.”

  • The star of “Marriage Story” and “Jojo Rabbit joins an elite club

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