Chicago Med EPs on 'Manstead' Twist: 'It's Extremely Agonizing' for Both Docs

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Chicago Med.

Chicago Med‘s fall finale found Natalie nervously awaiting her groom at the church, but he was nowhere to be found. Instead, the doc was tending to mobster Ray, whose sons caught onto the bug that Will had planted. After his brother Jay came to his rescue, a bloody Will was brought by the FBI to the church… but he didn’t get to stay for long. Hugging his relieved but confused bride — and getting blood on her wedding dress! — Will explained that he was being taken into protective custody, and that’s all he could say.

When the NBC drama returns on Jan. 9, “it’ll be a couple months later. So he will have been in witness protection,” executive producer Diane Frolov reveals. Adds EP Andrew Schneider: “He’s isolated in another state, and he will come back when they feel it’s safe for him to return.”

Until then, the couple isn’t allowed to talk to each other. “They haven’t had any contact for two months,” Schneider says. In that time, Natalie has remained in the dark about what Will has been up to with the FBI, although she “knows a little more now.” Meanwhile, Will “hasn’t been able to explain anything,” Frolov notes, which makes the situation “extremely agonizing on both sides.”

Plus, forced time and space apart will certainly not help heal the issues that have developed between the pair this season. “There’s a lot to repair in their relationship,” Schneider says. Adds Frolov: “The trust issues are still there because she didn’t know anything about any of this. And they haven’t had any time to work anything out because they haven’t been talking.”

So while there’s “hope” for a wedding redo, per Schneider, expect plenty “more challenges” for “Manstead,” Frolov warns. “This has been a traumatic event.”

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