Coronation Street spoilers: Emma Brooker takes stolen money from Scott for Oliver's legal fund

EMMA Brooker takes stolen money from Scott for Oliver’s legal fund next week in Coronation Street. 

Steve will urge the family to keep it a secret when Emma comes clean to him about where the money came from. 

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Corrie viewers know that doctors have suggested turning off Oliver’s life support as he continues to battle mitochondrial disease.

But Leanne and Steve refused to give up on their son and tried to get doctors in Germany to agree to helping Oliver with private treatment. 

After the doctors in Germany said Oliver’s case was too serious, the devoted parents decided to launch a court battle to save his life and have been doing everything they can to raise the money for the legal fees.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Johnny tell Emma that Scott was behind the Bistro robbery – and that he’s been arrested. 

Later, Emma confesses to Alina that she accepted some of the money to give Steve to pay for Oliver’s legal fees. 

But later, the police arrive to question Emma about the cash she received from Scott. 

Afterwards, battling a guilty conscience, Emma comes clean to Steve and tells him where the money came from.

Steve breaks the news to Leanne and Toyah that the money donated by Emma was in fact stolen by Scott – and that they need to keep it under wraps. 

Imran is horrified when he learns what Emma has done and urges her to be honest with the police. 

Will Emma listen to Imran?

Or could Steve and Leanne’s legal battle to save Oliver be about to take a nasty turn?

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